The BYTE 4/28/23

Accessibility for social media, conversational writing, TikTok's AI profile image, YouTube's algorithm, and recyclable buildings.

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of social media accessibility, conversational writing, TikTok’s AI profile image, YouTube’s algorithm elements, and recyclable buildings. 


7 Accessibility Design Tips for Social Media

Regardless of people’s abilities or disabilities, your social media should utilize an inclusive design to be accessible to everyone. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, about “33% of the global population has a sight or hearing impairment.” By implementing design tools like captions with accessibility in mind, businesses can create a more inclusive and diverse digital environment that better serves all users and maximizes reach. Discover seven inclusive design tips and accessibility tools on Hootesuite’s blog post.

Take Notes 

Conversational Writing for Marketers

Conversational writing is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing as businesses aim to connect with their audience more personally and engagingly. Asking questions within your copy is one tactic to make your writing sound more like a conversation than a lecture. The bottom line is that conversational writing helps build your trust with the reader and is more appealing to them. 

Read more conversational writing tips on enhancing your content in Content Marketing Institute’s blog post.

TikTok’s AI Profile Image

TikTok is no stranger to the ever-evolving AI technology, with the popular social media platform already using AI in its Effects House tools. But they’re currently testing a new profile image generator that uses AI to create avatars. To use the feature, TikTok users upload 3 to 10 images of themselves for the AI to develop several styles of avatar images. There is no set release date yet for this new tool. Read more about the generative AI avatar creator in Social Media Today’s article.

2023 YouTube Algorithm Elements

The YouTube algorithm is a complex and ever-changing system determining which videos get recommended to users. In fact, according to MIT Technology Review, the algorithm determines 70% of people’s views on YouTube. Understanding what elements drive the YouTube formula is crucial for content creators looking to increase their visibility on the platform. Learn how the 2023 YouTube algorithm works here

Totally Unrelated 

Recyclable Buildings

Imagine transforming, re-using, and disassembling a structure after its use for the intended purpose. Well, that’s what California-based architect Rob Berry and his team are working on accomplishing for the 2028 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles, California with circular building. Wired states, “The construction company creates about one-third of the world’s waste.” Usually, the Olympic building stays empty after the event, but Berry intends to utilize circular buildings to recycle the structure, so it doesn’t eventually become waste. Learn more about this project on the link above.

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