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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of online video influencing consumers to purchase, SEO misconceptions, basic content tips for your marketing campaigns, user-generated content attracting customers on Instagram, and Spotify’s Car Thing Gadget. Dig in!



Is Video an influencer to decision-making in 2021?

Video is a powerful resource to connect and engage your audience in 2021, but how does it impact consumer behavior online? Animoto surveyed 580 consumers that helped shed insight on this. Two essential takeaways - 93% of consumers said video was helpful when purchasing products, and video was favored over any other type of content from brands on social media. I think it’s safe to say, video online still influences your customers.


Take Note

Are the five most common pieces of advice for SEO wrong?

It’s easy to hear misinformation and go with the flow, even in marketing. At one time, these five SEO tips might have been the holy grail, but not anymore. Some people thought social signals impact ranking, SEO was dead, and keyword research was pointless. According to the Search Engine Journal (SEJ), these and a few more are SEO misconceptions.

What are some marketing basics to know before you launch your next campaign?

Launching a successful marketing campaign isn’t easy. It takes strategy and knowing what kind of content consumers want. The group from SalesIntel created an infographic that breaks down and reveals 20 insightful stats for three basics types of marketing content – video, podcast, and blog content. Next time you are thinking about launching a campaign, remember to add one or more of these.

Does user-generated content on Instagram ads attract customers?

Advertising on Instagram takes a combination of strategy, targeting, budget, and creative outputs. User-generated content (UGC) is a creative and innovative way to leverage your Instagram ads. Using UGC, you create a relatable experience for your customers and will generate rapport. Search Engine Journal said it best when they said, “your customers are your single best billboard for your products on the internet.”


Totally Unrelated

Spotify’s Car Thing Gadget

Seriously, who’s in charge of naming these gadgets? Spotify recently released their Car Thing gadget (yes, that’s the name!) a limited released device designed to make jamming out to music easier for drivers. This will be the first physical product Spotify is launching, but this isn’t the first time they considered creating a physical product. In the past, they were toying with the idea of musical lightbulbs. But for now, Spotify can revel in the glory of their Car Thing gadget.

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