The BYTE 3/6/2020



This Edition Of The BYTE Features A Tiny Electric Car, Twitter's New Fleets Feature, A Bathroom Cleaning robot, And A Renewable Tissue Box.

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a byte out of tiny electric car, Twitter’s new feature, a bathroom cleaning robot, and a renewable tissue box. Dig in!




Rent This Tiny Car for Less Than $30 a Month

The way we travel has drastically changed over the past decade. From cars and scooters to e-bikes and even hover boards, we’ve seen it all… or have we? Auto manufacturer, Citroёn, has come up with a new car concept – an electric vehicle dubbed the Ami. Picture a smaller version of the Smart Car. In fact, the Ami is nine feet long and can only go 28 mph with a range of 43 miles. An unlike any other electric vehicle, the Ami requires users to charge the car by plugging it into any standard European wall socket. And for only $22 a month, anyone can lease this car. A great way to navigate city streets!

Are Fleets the New Way to Tweet?

A few weeks ago, we mentioned the newest Twitter feature – a continue thread – and this week, Twitter has announced they are testing their latest feature, Fleets. Fleets, like Instagram Stories, allow users to post short-lived content and then after 24 hours, the content disappears. Viewers of these fleets can only interact with them through a private DM or by reacting with an emoji. Users cannot like, reply, or retweet a Fleet. As of right now, Twitter will be piloting this new feature and Brazil and if successful, we might see this as a regular feature on Twitter.

A Robot That Cleans Bathrooms

Imagine having to clean the bathroom as part of your daily chore list. Most people shudder at the thought. In fact, bathrooms are the prime breeding spot for germs. Fortunately for us, a New York-based startup, Somatic, has a solution to this problem. Using virtual reality, the team trains a robot to clean bathrooms, including where to spray, wipe, vacuum and blow-dry. The robot itself has been affectionately described as a mini fridge with arms and has the ability to clean for eight hours a day. In fact, Somatic foresees this robot being used in airports, casinos, office spaces and any other spots that have commercial restrooms.

A Renewable Tissue Box

Springtime is just around the corner and with this season comes sniffles. If you’re at the store, you may see people picking up a box of tissues or even a few pocket-size tissue packs. But what if you could buy a reusable tissue box that would never go to waste? Meet LastTissue – the renewable tissue box for on the go. The tissue pack is made of silicone and comes with six organic cotton tissues for you to wash once used. The best part? LastTissue fits in your pocket, making it convenient for both men and women alike.

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