The BYTE 2/24/23

The latest tips and strategies for digital marketers.


This week we’re taking a BYTE out of Facebook advertising tactics, social media design elements, the optimal TikTok video length, lead gen strategies, and Jameson’s desk decoy.


9 Facebook Advertising Tactics

Facebook Ads are valuable assets to help reach your marketing goals. However, with so many varying ad formats on the social platform, it can be challenging to decipher which type of ad to leverage. Giraffe Social Media’s guide breaks down each type of Facebook Ad’s function, goal, and audience it reaches. View the infographic to learn about nine Facebook advertising tactics.

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10 Social Media Design Elements

Social media is integral to a brand’s marketing plan, especially when standing out from the competition. A practical social media approach requires an eye-catching graphic and other elements, such as accessibility, that engage and attract your audience. Learn nine more design assets to level up your social media game on Hootsuite’s article

What’s The Best Length for A TikTok?

According to internal data from TikTok in 2021, the ideal length for a video had increased to “24 to 31 seconds.” Although shorter videos are favored because users have short attention spans, the optimal duration of your TikTok video varies depending on the content you’re producing. Read more TikTok insights and see examples from content creators on Buffer’s blog post.

19 Lead Generation Strategies for Marketers

Broadening your lead generation approach maximizes your outreach and the potential to attract and convert prospects, not to mention it also increases your brand awareness. From social media to trade shows and events, SEMRush compiled a list of top strategies to help optimize your lead gen efforts to grow your business. Check out the infographic here.

Totally Unrelated

Jameson’s Desk Decoy

Jameson’s hilarious new St. Patrick’s Day campaign features actress Regina Hall posing as a professional decoy to help people sneak out of work and enjoy a day of fun and festivities. With clever tactics like using a fake plant to simulate keyboard clicks and a cardboard cutout to stand in for a missing employee, the Jameson Desk Decoy campaign will have you laughing and inspired to plan your own sneaky escape this St. Patrick’s Day! Watch the commercial here.

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