The BYTE [2/20]


Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of staying connected, roads becoming obsolete, invisible buttons, the young staying put, and the last frontier. Dig in!


Constant Connection

Google is changing its Fiber focus and making big steps in beaming internet to remote populations. Also all four major cell providers now offer unlimited data plans.

So Much Data

Google has made a breakthrough with its internet beaming balloons that it didn’t even see coming. The balloons ‘learned’ to manage wind much better than expected, which means it would take fewer balloons, be quicker, and cost less to get remote areas connected. Google Fiber is taking a left turn and going to focus on wireless fiber-like connections because Google found out installing fiber cables everywhere is really really expensive. Places that already have Fiber will continue to receive service and they will finish the projects in progress. Lastly, AT&T and Verizon jumped back onto the unlimited data train after T-Mobile and Sprint kept stealing their customers with their unlimited plans. Time to stream Netflix non-stop.

The Jetsons Next Door

Ideas Are Taking Off

People can’t stop finding new ways to use drones. The most notable new use of drones is as a taxi, because it was bound to happen eventually. Dubai is officially testing out taxi drones and hopes to have flying tests as early as July this year. If this takes off it could change a lot conversations around mobility. To add to that China is using a drone with a flamethrower to burn down trash hanging from powerlines, because having trash up there can cause outages and is dangerous to get down.

Take Notes

Basically Telekinesis

As smart homes become smarter, people/companies are struggling with how to control everything. Hayo thinks it’s found the solution; don’t install any buttons and just wave your hands, press a specific spot on your coffee table, or do pretty much anything. Basically you put a little Amazon Echo-like product in your room, it scans the room and through your app you put invisible ‘buttons’ around the room and Hayo does the rest. For example if you have your favorite spot on the couch, set it so that whenever you sit there, the TV turns on. Boom, magic.

Just Move Already

Millennials have less traditional ties to a specific place than most other generations did i.e. owning a home, marriage, etc. Theoretically with less to tie someone down it would be easier to move anywhere and do anything. Wrong, for millennials at least. They’re the least mobile of the last 3 generations,  with only 20% of millennials moving last year, compared to the 26 and 27% of the generations older. To be fair moving has gone down to an all-time low across all age groups. Debt, lack of resources, and rising rents everywhere aren’t helping those that are entertaining the thought of moving.

Make Some Space

Over the past week SpaceX has completed their third rocket landing after visiting the International Space Station. This is big because it shows how the advancement in this tech is getting normal and pushing the boundaries for everyone. For example, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced a plan to have a city built on Mars by 2117. See you in 100 years.

Totally Unrelated

Musical Duet

Google is back with a fun Artificial Intelligence piano that plays based off the music that you play. Go play a song or two.

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