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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of the most recent housing numbers, smart homes of the future, best friends, tech summits, and the latest on social networks. Dig in!


On The Up & Up
Homebuilding is kicking 2018 off with a bang, housing starts are up 9.7% and permits rose 7.4% last month. Builders are also confident that this will continue, leading to the highest confidence level in future sale expectations since the recession.

Can’t Stop
Multifamily housing saw the biggest jump in both permits and starts. Single family home starts rose 3.7% to 877,000 in January. This is the most permits since 2007. The south is the region dominating in all areas: housing starts, units under construction, permits, and completions. Most analysts see this as a foreshadowing to 2018 being a record breaking year. Fingers crossed that they are right, don’t think anyone would mind a record setting year in homebuilding.

Home, I’m Home

Rolling Out The Welcome Mat
Smart devices are everywhere, some more useful than others but people are starting to figure exactly what they need and it’s shaping what our homes are going to look/sound like in the future. Bloomberg took a look at the tech that is already starting to become ingrained. From a smart living room that can control the rest of the house, to a mattress that will help you sleep better and wake up easier, to a kitchen that makes sure you get the perfect sear on your steak every single time. Most of these are already available, will only become cheaper, and more adopted as time goes on; just as smart phones were not too many years ago.

Take Notes

Sign Me Up
At BDX we promise to help our customers stay on the cutting edge of technology, whether it’s with VR, AR, Online Design Centers, or even this newsletter. To further keep this promise we started hosting a digital transformation summit for homebuilders, DCX, three years ago. This year’s DCX from April 25-27th is going to be better than ever with speakers from: Southwest, Zappos, and more. You won’t want to miss this, trust us.

81% of people on this NAR survey said they’d take their pets’ needs into consideration when considering their next living situation. With 60 million U.S. households having a dog, and dog ownership on the upward trend this is causing designers and builders to consider people’s furry friends when building.

Oh Snap
New research shows that Facebook is losing young users to Snapchat faster than predicted. It is projected now that Facebook will lose 2 million users under 25 this year. Of those 2 million it looks like 1.9 will move to Snapchat and 1.6 to Instagram (also owned by Facebook). Social networks are changing almost by the minute, so we will have to see what changes can/will be made by the network to get the attention of those lost users.

Totally Unrelated

How many matches does it take to make a perfect sphere? 42,000 actually. Now if you’re curious what it looks like when you light that sphere on fire, we can help.

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