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BDX's BYTE Highlights Wearable Robots, Car Parts Made Out Of Coffee, Dermatology On Demand, VR For Cows, And Robot Dogs


Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of wearable robots, car parts made out of coffee dermatology on demand, VR for cows, and robot dogs. Dig in!





Wearable Robot Suit

Some people are terrified of robots taking over the world. What if robots were actually helping humanity? This is the case for the skiing exosuit, called Elevate, created by Roam Robotics. This suit was specifically designed to help people with paralysis to be able to ski again. This device works by placing the weight from the quads and knees of skier to the exosuit. Elevate enables them to ski longer without discomfort. Unlike a lot of robotic suits, this suit is light weight and affordable to most. The creator of this device wanted everyone who needed the suit to be able to acquire it.

Car Parts Made Out of Coffee

Many people use coffee as fuel to jump start their day. Coffee, however, has recently been used as the resource you put fuel in... car parts! That’s right, the part of coffee waste, called chaff, is being used as a substitute filler for plastic. Chaff is the thin skin that peels off the coffee beans when you roast them. People have used this material for compost, so why not use it as an organic filler material integrated with the petroleum-based plastic. Less plastic will have to be used, therefore bettering our ecosystem. McDonald’s and Ford came up with this concept. They’ve started creating a car headlamp out of the material, and it resulted in testing better than the traditional plastic. Because of this successful test more car parts will start to be developed with this coffee waste plastic. Eventually Ford hopes to replace all plastic car parts with this hybrid plastic.



Take Notes


Get Clearer Skin On Demand with a Dermatologist

Without leaving the comfort of your home…

Apostrophe, a startup that’s embracing the on-demand doctor scene, is making it easier for users to get acne prescriptions and treatments by connecting them with board certified dermatologists. The best part? You can do it all from your phone or laptop. And according to co-founder Ben Holber, there’s a ton of value in knowing someone is on the other side really looking at your stuff, and who’s there to answer a question. Sign us up!

VR for Cows

Just like women need to experience peace and tranquility during labor, cows also need to experience those same feelings during milk production. Which is why farmers in Moscow have turned to virtual reality – to keep cows calm in so that their milk production increases. So what are the animals actually watching behind the VR glasses? A summer field simulation that’s primarily made up of shades of red, green, and blue.

Robot Dogs are Coming to the Police Force

Forget actual police dogs – there’s a new dog in town dubbed Spot. Spot’s not your average fur-friend. In fact, Spot is all metal. And according to Boston Dynamics VP for Business Development, Michael Perry, Spot is being utilized in situations where you want to collect information in an environment where it’s too dangerous to a send a person. As of right now, Spot is only being used by the Massachusetts State Police, but could be used in other industries as well.



Totally Unrelated


Star Wars Disney World Hotel

Coming soon in a galaxy not so far, far away, the Galactic Starcruiser, a Star Wars themed Disney hotel. First Disney opened Star War’s: Galaxy’s Edge, the newest Disney resort area. Now they are planning a Disney Themed hotel. The force is strong with Disney’s Star Wars’ fans. The moment you arrive at the hotel entrance you’ll start your Star Wars journey by being transported by the Starcruiser in a launch pod. Will you choose the dark side or the light side? From there your adventure only begins…

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