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This week we’re taking a BYTE out of 2018, flat packing, solar glass, Black Friday breakdowns, and Santa’s new home. Dig in!


28 Days
Since 2018 is exactly 4 weeks away it’s time to start forecasting: supply should catch up with demand, price appreciation is expected to slow but sales continue to rise, innovation should continue/speed up, and much more.

A Lot In Store
There has been a discrepancy between the supply of homes and the demand for years, but in the second half of 2018 we are expected to finally start catching up on the supply side. The south is projected to dominate home sales because of the many fast growing cities in the region, but Las Vegas is projected to grow the most next year. Millennials are expected to continue their home buying domination and expand into higher priced homes. The major wild card for exactly how things play out next year is the tax overhaul being pushed through the government and what ends up being turned into law.

How Did IKEA Not Think Of This?

Hoping This Doesn’t Fall Flat
An architect from Italy is attempting to make accessible and affordable housing. His M.A.Di houses are flat pack houses that take 6-7 hours to “build”. The house claims to be built, or pop-up, with three people and boasts the capacity for solar panels and grey-water systems. The houses include a bathroom, kitchen connections and technical installations, and a 60-day delivery guarantee for in stock homes. Not only that but they come in a couple of sizes, 290 sq. ft. for $32,800 or a 904 sq. ft. home for $72,800.

Take Notes

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has created a new type of solar electricity generating material. The glass like material is clear when not in direct sunlight but when it is hit with light and starts to warm it becomes tinted and starts producing electricity. The application of this as windows on homes would allow people to have beautiful windows that tint during the day as to not heat the house and also generate electricity to power the home.

Black Fri-yay For Smart Homes
3 of the top 5 selling products from Black Friday were smart home gadgets. This was a big win for Amazon specifically with the Echo Dot and the Fire TV Stick both being in the top 5. The other smart home device that broke the top 5 was the TP-Link Smart Plug. With 10 million smart home devices expected to be sold in the U.S. by 2021 this may be a sign of the trends to come.

Santa Claus is reportedly looking for a second North Pole. Our friends over at Redfin tried to help him narrow his search and looked at cities based on their affordability, bakeries per capita, snowfall, toy-making talent, and proximity to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. When it is all calculated the winner for NP2 is Cleveland, OH, the home of the classic movie, A Christmas Story! We’ll keep an eye out for the official announcement.

Totally Unrelated

All In A Day’s Work
Welcome to the office, all we need from you today is jump off a mountain and fly into the small door of a plane. Consider it done.

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