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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of building confidence, U.S. brain drain, shooting your packages sky high, a ride-share start and potential stop, and a new take on grocery shopping. Dig in!


Builders Are Feeling Good
According to the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index home builders are very confident after the election.

How Confident?
More confident than home builders have been in over a decade. The reason for this new confidence has to do with President Elect Donald Trump’s victory. With a real estate man in the highest office maybe that makes sense. There are other reasons for them to be confident also, looking at the next year Redfin predicts: a continued growth in the housing market, the fastest real estate market on record, and more access to home loans for buyers. All good things to be excited about however, they also see trouble with a potentially serious labor shortage. Here’s hoping this new found confidence can carry us towards a fantastic 2017.

Builder Confidence is at a decade high.
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Brain Blast

Or Brain Drain?
Bloomberg has shown us where people with advanced degrees and STEM-careered professionals are moving to and moving from. More and more people in these careers are moving to Boulder, CO followed by San Jose, CA. Which is great for those cities but smaller towns that used to be manufacturing hubs are having a hard time getting people to stay, for example, Cumberland, MD. Cumberland, the #1 place losing brain power and says it’s struggling to incentivize enough businesses and get people to stay. As more highly educated people continue to congregate in the same area, we may see our next booming city.

The Brain drain and Brain Gain around the U.S.
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Take Notes

We Don’t Need Roads Where We’re Going
Amazon again captures some attention for completing its first Prime Air delivery. Using drones, Amazon was able to complete a full order from click to delivery in 13 minutes. 13. Minutes. The service is currently being tested in the countryside in northern England, but Amazon has serious plans to get these soaring all around us.

Amazon Prime Air is taking off
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Start. Stop.
Uber, the popular ride-share company, launched self-driving rides in San Francisco last Wednesday. The D.M.V. said late that Wednesday night, “Nope, you can’t do that, that’s illegal.” The reason for this was lack of the correct permits, but Uber isn’t backing down or stopping anytime soon, so prepare to hear about a legal showdown between San Fran and Uber.

Uber and San Fran are about to get into a legal showdown
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A True SUPERmarket
A new supermarket is opening in Milan. This supermarket uses augmented reality and augmented labels that “scan” the product and show health information, recipes, pairings and down the line may even show the journey that product went through to get to that shelf. The store creator’s goal is to help people make conscious decisions about the products they buy.

The coolest new Supermarket opening in Milan
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Totally Unrelated
Drawn In
Google wants you to put its neural network to the test and have it guess what you are drawing.

Can Google's Neural Network guess what you're drawing?
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