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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into. 

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of an email marketing funnel, social advertising, website conversion words, Twitter’s auto-captions, and Ford’s driverless delivery car. Dig in!



4 Steps for Building a Killer Email Marketing Funnel

Like the sales funnel, an email marketing funnel represents the different phases throughout the customer’s journey from prospect to customer. Implementing an exceptional email funnel can help streamline your email marketing process and optimize your campaigns. Read AppSumo’s blog post to learn four steps to building a killer email marketing funnel to maximize your ROI.


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4 Social Advertising Trends for Marketers

With consumers predominately online, many marketers have opted to add social advertising into their marketing budget. In fact, according to Adweek, “most companies (74%) already allocate one-third or more of their marketing budget to social media advertising.” 

Click on the link above to learn four social advertising trends that can help marketers thrive and see success in 2022.

88 Words to Convert Website Visitors

Whether you want your website visitor to provide information, sign up for a newsletter, or become a customer, the desired goal is conversion. Website conversions are crucial to businesses trying to improve sales. But accomplishing this task can be challenging and takes skill. 

View this infographic from Social Media Today to learn 88 powerful words and phrases from a copywriting expert to entice and convert visitors. 

Twitter’s New Caption Feature 

Twitter recently announced their latest addition to their accessibility features, video captions. This new update gives consumers more ways to consume video content utilizing the auto-captions on muted and unmuted videos. For marketers, this means more engagement opportunities and insight into user interests. Read more about Twitter’s auto-captions tool in Social Media Today’s article


Totally Unrelated

Ford’s Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Program

A driverless car will deliver 10,000 pounds of food to seniors over the next six months. This new pilot program in Detroit is part of Ford Fund’s food distribution program. Ford’s primary goal with the project is to provide food and essential goods to needy communities and gain data on their autonomous vehicle. Learn more about this pilot program in this article from Metro Times

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