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BDX Spotlights Battlefield Tested Skincare, VR And Labor, And An App That Can Track Drones


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This week we’re taking a BYTE out of a battlefield tested skincare, A.I. device that can detect unattended children, VR and labor, and an app that can track drones. Dig in!





Military-Approved Skincare

If it’s military-grade, it’s bound to be top of the line, right? And the number one skincare product that service members pack for deployment is baby wipes. So why not create wipes that are specifically geared towards active duty service members? That’s exactly what veteran beauty executives Benjamin Bernet and Justin Guilbert did. In fact, they co-founded a whole company whose mission is to create high-performing grooming essentials. And according to Guilbert, “If you’re going to buy yourself a product, be it a soap or deodorant, do you want your purchase to go towards something that you care for, that you stand for?”

A.I. That Can Detect Unattended Children and Animals

You know what AI is; you’ve seen what AI can do. But, what if an AI device could detect unattended children and animals in a vehicle? Researchers at the University of Waterloo are experimenting with technology that uses both radar and machine learning to make predictions. The device itself is only three centimeters in diameter and can be attached to a vehicle’s rear-view mirror or put on the ceiling of a car. The purpose? To alert surrounding people if a child is left in a car unattended and to potentially save lives.



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Experience VR During Labor

Can virtual reality help expectant mothers endure the pain of labor? The labor and delivery ward sure thinks so! Only a few hospitals across the United States offer VR to women. Dr. Melissa Wong, a maternal fetal medicine physician, thinks VR is an alternative method for women who want a drug-free birth. In her recent study, Wong monitored 40 first-time moms as they used a VR headset for up to 30 minutes during the labor process. The data gathered from this study could provide moms will an alternative birthing method.

Track Drones with This App

Drones are here to stay. They’re already being used in the military and there have been pilot tests for grocery deliveries. But, what if there was a way to track drones that are in the air? DJI, a technology company based in China, is planning to release a free app that would let anyone with a smartphone track and detect drones flying nearby. The purpose of this app to provide peace of mind to residents.



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The Jailbreaking Cat

Meet Instagram’s newest star, Quilty. This quirky cat stole the limelight after security footage was released of him letting a dozen of his furry friends out. Should the public be concerned about this escape artist? Possibly. Dubbed Door Ninja, this lovable and mischievous cat has already found his forever home.

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