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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of the decision, top home sites shifting media gears, a new app to help you measure twice, how VR is changing home design, and some new materials working their way into everyday life. Dig in!


The Race Is Over

As pretty much everyone on planet earth knows the elections are over and Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential race.

What Do People Think? What Else Happened?

The final presidential result was a bit a surprise for many as almost all pre polls put Hillary Clinton ahead. Many of the top builders put out statements regarding the results. The general sentiment is that Donald Trump should be good for the housing industry, however his actual plans have been vague so far. Another big winner on election night was public transit around the country especially in Atlanta, LA, and Seattle. These cities (and more across the country) passed measures to increase funding to many public transit programs across the cities. In other related news, this polarizing election has had people considering the move to Canada, here are the real numbers on where and who is interested in the move north.

With the election over see the winners, losers, and the ones leaving...
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There’s Change A Brewin’

Coming To A Site Near You is looking to rapidly ramp up the use of 3D tours and high quality video. The goal is to find ways to engage more buyers in their listings. is actively trying to more seamlessly integrate 3D tours such as Matterport tours. is ramping up its use of 3D tours
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Take Notes

Scan We Build It?

A new app from Occiptal called Canvas allows users to scan a room with an iPad and use the scan for measurements. With the help of a special attachment on the front of your iPad you can stand in one place and slowly pan across the room and get a 3D scan that will accurately measure distances and spaces within the area. It looks pretty easy and has a “send to CAD” feature that could be very helpful for designer and builders.

New app lets you fully scan a room with an iPad
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See It To Believe It

Architects are really getting into the Virtual Reality thing. With the new advances in VR, architects are able to design buildings in the virtual world, see where things fit within the home, look at the lighting throughout the day, and so much more. They are also able to show their customers pretty close to exactly how things are going to look and can help them really fulfill and build their dream property. As this tech pushes forward it could change the designing part of building all together.

Architects are really getting into VR
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Welcome To The Party

As the virtual world continues to push forward it can be easy to forget about the physical realm that is also making innovative products. From ceramic tiles made from recycled beverage containers that are stronger and more weather proof to colored conductive inks that look like normally printed ink but can carry an electric current through them.

Check out the latest in material innovation
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Totally Unrelated

Don’t Look Down

If you’re deathly afraid of heights probably don’t watch these French people surf on a zip line and then BASE jump from the board.

Surfing and BASE jumping mixed is not for the faint of heart
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