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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of Instagram stickers, brand partnership strategies, AI, content curating sources, chilling incidences digital marketers fear, and Apple’s retinal projector. Dig in!


Can stickers on Instagram stories help improve engagement?

The short answer is yes! Stickers on your Instagram stories are more than just colorful assortments of graphics. They also help capture users’ attention and actively engage readers with your stories. So check out these ten stickers that will help make your content more dynamic, interactive, and entertaining. 


Take Note

Brand Partnerships Strategies

Like the relationship between a home builder and a manufacturer, a brand partnership can help build your business and brand awareness. But prevailing with this strategy takes effort and a tactical approach. Learn about five victorious brand partnership examples and their plan of action to succeed in this article from Visual Objects.

Marketers Leverage AI

When people think of artificial intelligence (AI), they typically think of a talking computer, such as Amazon’s Alexa. However, many marketers may not know that AI can be simpler than that and has been used in marketing for a while now to place products front and center of prospects. 

Read this Forbes article to learn more about AI in marketing and how to leverage this transformational technology.

5 Content Curating Sources

Curating a stream of content, especially for social media, saves time and helps captivate your audience. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “it’s also a helpful way to turn your social channels into a thought leadership platform where it’s not always your brand doing the talking.” Discover these five easy places to curate content from and make social media marketing effortless.

12 Chilling Things Digital Marketers Fear

Digital Marketing challenges us to take risks, and for the most part, they usually work out. But sometimes, those choices put you in scary situations. So, in the spirit of Halloween, read these chilling horror stories (if you dare) based on actual incidences that happened to real digital marketers. 


Totally Unrelated

Apple’s Retinal Projector

Recently Apple’s patent document was released to the public, and within the record, they discussed some futuristic-sounding technology. Among the intriguing technology was a retinal projector. Instead of small displays, Apple plans to project visuals straight to a smart glasses wearer’s retina. This technology could also serve as a solution for those with complications, such as headaches. Learn more about this futuristic technology from Digital Trends.  

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