The BYTE 10/21/22

Mary Diegel

The latest marketing, social media, and advertising trends for brands.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of Instagram tools, tips to scrub your email list, alt text best practices for images, social media video with smartphones, and Apple’s original smartphone. 


11 Instagram Features for Marketers

According to Earthweb, Instagram has had over 1.4 billion monthly users since August 2022. It’s a no-brainer that Instagram is a popular and valuable marketing tool, but it can be challenging to keep up with the social media app’s latest features. Read Hubspot’s blog post to learn eleven Instagram tools to level up your social media marketing strategy. 

Take Notes 

5 Tips to Maintain Your Email List

Regularly scrubbing your email list is crucial to succeeding in email marketing. Inactive and inaccurate email addresses affect your metrics, such as bounce and email click-through rates. Whether you plan to clean your list manually or automatically, Inbox Mailersarticle has five tips to help tackle this chore and optimize your email inventory.  

Is Alt Text Needed for Every Image? 

Google’s John Mueller recently joined Search Off the Record podcast to discuss alt text for images. During his interview, the podcast host brought up the subject of whether to add alt text to decorative messages. John’s interesting perspective on leaving alt text empty for some images has marketers rethinking their SEO strategy. Listen to the podcast here to learn more.   

Video Marketing with your Smartphone 

Video has proven to be an excellent way to engage, educate, and entertain your social media audience in 2022. You don’t have to be a professional videographer to film videos for social media, especially with the video quality of smartphones today. View Social Media Examiner’s article to learn everything you need to create a high-quality social media video with your smartphone. 

Totally Unrelated

LGC Auctions Sells The Original iPhone

Would you believe that the original iPhone sold at auction for 65 times its original value? LGC Auctions sold the original Apple smartphone for an astonishing price. The opening bid for a 2007 iPhone in its original package began at $2,500, but the ending sale price is staggering. Check out the full article here.  

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