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Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into. 

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of engaging social media questions, content tools, 2022 Instagram Reel predictions, mobile traffic, and a lickable TV. Dig in!



35 Social Media Tricks to Engage Your Followers

Your followers might need a little encouragement to get them to interact and engage more on social media. Starting a conversation with an open-ended question gives your audience something to react to and can lead to them feeling more inclusive in your brand and even result in more followers. Learn thirty-five social media questions from Brafton’s Article to boost brand awareness, engagement and connect with potential customers. 


Take Notes

Content Tools for SEO & Your Audience 

Some marketers believe you have to choose between writing for your audience and search engines, but successful content has the best of both. Read Content Marketing Institute’s blog post to leverage thirteen tools that help you create easy consumable content that is effortless for your audience to find.

Top Instagram Reel Predictions for 2022

Short-form videos, such as Instagram’s Reels, were a major trend in 2021, and according to the social media blog called LaterBlog, there’s “no sign of Reels slowing down in 2022 – it’s only bigger and better from here.” Click on the link above to check out these 2022 Instagram Reel predictions to put your best foot forward and get your content out to a larger audience in the new year. 

Mobile Traffic Infographic

Mobile internet impacts our everyday lives, including work, paying bills, shopping and more, all from your device. Visual Capitalist created an infographic that revealed key insights on mobile traffic worldwide, such as YouTube labeled as the biggest consumer of mobile traffic with 20%. 

View the infographic to learn where users spend their time online and what mobile tools see the most engagement. 


Totally Unrelated

Lickable TV

We thought we’d seen everything, but then we saw the lickable TV. Yes, you heard that right. A Japanese inventor created a Taste The TV (TTTV) prototype that simulates food flavors that you can savor on your TV screen. Imagine the possibilities this brings for commercials and other marketing aspects. Talk about an immersive experience. Read more about this invention in this article from Digital Trends

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