The BYTE 1/31/2020



This BYTE Features A CrashCourse VR Software, Electric-trike Driving Couriers, Renting A Private Room On The ISS, And More.


Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a byte out of CrashCourse VR software, electric-trike driving couriers, renting a private room on the ISS, a consumer license plate reader, and hissing cockroaches for Valentine’s Day.



CrashCourse VR software

Concussions happen. And according to CNET, kids make up about 70 percent of all sports and recreation-related concussions seen in the ER. That’s why TeachAids and researchers from Stanford University developed a VR software dubbed CrashCourse – to create an interactive experience that puts users in the middle of a simulated high school football game. The goal? To teach young athletes about the importance of head safety and to properly diagnose and treat concussions.

Electric-Trike Driving Couriers

Bond, an urban shipping company, is changing the online shopping landscape in New York. What started out as an online grocery service has now developed into a nano distribution shipping company with six centers. The service allows for customers to place an order in the morning and receive their packages the same afternoon. In addition, the small electric trikes can navigate crowded streets more efficiently without getting stuck in traffic during the day.

Rent a Private Room on the International Space Station

Imagine being able to work with a view of space. NASA is working with Axiom Space to add habitable modules to the International Space Station. Could this mean we’re one step closer to being able to live in space? Quite possibly. The plan is to offer a new getaway to space for those who can afford it and for those who need it – researchers and manufacturers. Axiom will start sending clients to the ISS as early as 2021.

License Plate Reader

Originally used by the police, Rekor Systems is wanting put this technology into consumers’ hands. The catch? Users need a home camera for the installation to work properly. The software, dubbed OpenALPR by Watchman, analyzes the streaming video and can find license plates captured in the video. The best part? This service costs as much as one cup of coffee per month. A great peace of mind for homeowners who want to feel safe in their neighborhoods.

Give a Gift This Valentine’s Day

Nothing says I love you better than a hissing cockroach. And that’s exactly why the Bronx Zoo is offering their annual Valentine’s Day special to users – name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after a loved one. And according to the zoo, “… roaches are forever.” And if you still harbor ill feelings towards your ex, the El Paso Zoo is offering to name cockroaches after exes and then feed them to their hungry meerkats. Talk about being in the spirit of love!

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