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This Edition Of The BYTE Features 2020 Drones, Bitmoji TV, the next tech of the decade, AI Headphones, And A Rogue Roomba


Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of drones in 2020, Bitmoji TV, the next tech of the decade, AI headphones, and a rogue Roomba. Dig in!





What’s Next for Drones in 2020?

Drones are here to stay. We hear about them in the news. We see them in stores. But, what lies ahead for this emerging technology? Digital Trends has compiled a list of ways you can expect drones to be the future of freight. From Amazon Air Prime delivery to FedEx and UPS deliveries, drones are the next big thing in technology for this decade.



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Bitmoji is Coming to TV

Bitmoji has been around for years, but didn’t start gaining popularity until Snapchat started leveraging them in their snaps. And even though Snapchat dominated the Bitmoji market, they wanted to build more long-form experiences with the avatars. Dubbed Bitmoji TV, Snapchat’s newest creation allows users to customize Bitmoji avatars of themselves and friends to star in their own cartoon series. Could this be the new way to watch TV? Maybe for a younger market, but will this gain traction with older demographics?

Tech That Will Shape Our Future

The roaring 20’s of the 21st century are finally here. The past decade saw the emergence of some pretty jaw-dropping technology – the iPad, streaming TV, Amazon Alexa, AirPods, and 4G phones. So, what’s on the horizon for the next 10 years? Digital Trends predicts space exploration will take off, public transportation will be revived, mass automation will become the norm, gas vehicles will become rare, and a cure for some of the most incurable diseases will be found.

Headphones That Could Warn Pedestrians

We’ve seen it, we’ve probably even been there – listening to music while crossing the street, completely unaware of our surroundings. But what if your headphones could alert you of the threat of passing vehicles? Researchers from Columbia University have developed a Pedestrian Audio Warning System (PAWS) that works by using machine learning algorithms to interpret vehicle sounds from up to 60 meters away. Although in the pilot phase, this technology has the potential to save lives.



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Roomba Goes Rogue

A North Carolina couple had a scare of their life when they mistook an out-of-control Roomba for a burglar. Police made the discovery after the Roomba got stuck in the hallway below the stairs and was bumping into the walls. A funny, yet relieving revelation!

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