The BYTE 1/10/2020: CES Edition



The BYTE Reveals The Top Technologies And Innovations From The 2020 Consumers Electronic Show.Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

Every year, BDX’s CEO, Tim Costello and CXO, Melissa Morman travel out to the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) to uncover the latest technologies and innovations that will impact the building industry This week we’re taking over The BYTE with a recap of a few of our favorite finds from the show. Dig in!




A wearable technology that allows you to make healthy choices based on your DNA. DnaBand allows users to scan food products as they shop in order to see if the food is a good match to your DNA. And according to Chris Toumazou, CEO of DnaNudge, “We look at your traits and relate it to macronutrients in products.” A great way to shop for food!

Flo by Moen

Ever had a plumbing leak? It can be quite costly to fix and leave non-repairable damage. Moen has a solution for that! Dubbed Flo, this tool allows homeowners to test for leaks, view water usage, and manually shut off your water supply. The Flo works by attaching to a section of your main water pipe and can be controlled with a mobile app or on the web.

Virtual Visor

We’ve all been there – the sun hits our face as we’re driving and we reach up to pull down the visor only to realize that the visor doesn’t quite block out all the light. Lucky for us, Bosch has created a workaround to that problem. Dubbed Virtual Visor, this visor automatically darkens to prevent sunlight from hitting our eyes. Powered by AI technology, the Virtual Visor is a flat LCD screen that allows you to see through it to the outside world.


Keurig, Toaster Oven, Instapot, Kitchen-Aid Mixer, and now… Juno? And no, not the movie Juno, but an actual kitchen appliance. Juno is not your average appliance – it uses thermoelectric cooling to remove heat quickly in order to cool your beverages. Just pop whatever drink you want cooled into the Juno and voilà, you now have a cold beverage.


If you have an electric car, you’re sitting on a gold mine for electricity. Wallbox, a Spanish charging technology company, has created a product called Quasar – a charging system that allows bidirectional charging between your home, the grid, and your electric vehicle. Imagine being able to charge your car within an hour, or use the power from your car to power your home during an outage or blackout.


Want a chef without paying the hefty price of a chef? Meet Julia – the intelligent autonomous cooking system that can shop for food, cook it, chop, stir, knead, steam, and wash itself. Eating at home has never been easier! So how does this system work? Julia is a smart kitchen hub that is controlled by either a touchscreen or by voice commands. The best part? The hub can create meals based on food you already have on hand in your pantry or fridge!


Although we can’t talk to dogs yet, one company is giving dog owners hope through a product called Inupathy – a harness that measures your dog’s heart rate and uses that information to translate into how your dog is feeling. When a dog’s mood changes, the color of the harness changes as well. Currently, the product is geared towards dog, but the maker – Langualess – hopes to add other furry pets to the mix in the foreseeable future.

Numi 2.0

Say goodbye toilet paper and hello to smart toilets. Kohler showcased it’s most advanced bathroom product this year – the Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet. This toilet offers cleansing and drying, a heated seat, and built-in speakers. The best part? The amount of money you’ll save from not having to buy toilet paper. Talk about a true in-home luxury!

Platform House

Want to live in a home that improves your health, wellness and happiness? That’s the idea behind Japan-based company, Sekisui House’s latest product, Platform House HED-Net. And according to Sekisui House President Yoshihiro Nakai, the house can monitor your vital signs in hopes of detecting onset diseases.

If you want to learn more about some of the upcoming home and tech products that will be hitting the market soon, join BDX’s Melissa Morman at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas as she presents on “Best in Show: The Latest Trends from the Consumer Electronics Show”.

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