Spotlight Home Features that Sell with Matterport Tours

BDX's 3D Matterport Tours Spotlight Home Features When home buyers tour your model homes, they enjoy an immersive and emotional experience designed to move them toward a purchase. Yet the actual model home experience is missing a key feature that converts visitors into buyers—the ability to direct viewers’ attention. BDX 3D Matterport Tours provide a lifelike simulation of the model tour experience, with technology that can spotlight your most compelling and profitable features.

As your online visitors virtually “walk” your models in a Matterport tour, they can choose from Multiple Views, including a 3D “Doll House” perspective. This angle provides contextual details about your elevations, fixtures, finishes, and other options. For more context, attach text-based Mattertag Posts to home features to provide selling points as your best salesperson would during a tour. HDR Photography further enhances the experience with a sense of vibrancy and living texture.

What buyers experience online in Matterport Tours can sell them on your homes, when you focus your strategy on these home features:

Open Design:

While model homes direct buyers’ attention to the open, functional floor plans, buyers aren’t always alert to the differentiating features they see. To the untrained eye, competing models seem to offer the same design features, making distinguishing between builders a challenge for buyers. Matterport Tours can focus buyers more intently on the modern, streamlined design, centered around the great room and kitchen. Mattertags can highlight how flexible living spaces in place of formal dining rooms can be used, while HDR Photography can dramatize the visual appeal of natural daylight through the large windows.

Master Suite:

Today’s buyers want an elegant and serene, if not spacious retreat from the frenetic pace of their lives outside the bedroom door. Matterport Tours capture the feeling, as well as the features buyers want by drawing attention to spa-like master baths and spacious walk-in closets. Multiple views can demonstrate the advantages of specific locations for suites within the house, including first floor settings for buyers who want to age in place. Unlike a model home tour, a Matterport Tour can also show multiple designs with architectural options for ceilings, freestanding or built-in bathtubs, choices in boutique-inspired closets, and diverse flooring choices.


Within every masterfully-designed kitchen are “secret surprises” model home visitors can’t help but overlook. It takes a smart salesperson or a digital proxy to point these features out. Multi-chef multitasking islands with smart storage features can be explained in compelling detail with Mattertag Posts. Large closeted pantries can be highlighted to show their superior organizational utility. The inspired variety of available textures and finishes can be showcased with HDR Photography, including quartz countertops in several tones; stainless steel appliances; and dreamy backsplashes made of slate, tin, or glass.

Digital and Electrical Details:

How often do visitors to model homes check for wireless compatibility throughout the house? How many look for charging areas, Energy Star-rated appliances, programmable thermostats, and LED or statement lighting? Few do, but most will find great value in learning about the long-term benefits of these features, especially those that reduce utility bills. Use Matterport’s Video Walkthrough glide cam videos to showcase these features and influence buyers to make them a priority as they compare homes.

Outdoor Living Features:

The popularity of outdoor kitchens and furnished living spaces has been growing for years, even in cooler climates. Matterport Tours beautifully showcase the advantages of blended indoor-outdoor living, focusing on operable glass walls, wide French doors, and seamless flooring. You may offer outdoor living rooms as attached spaces off the main living room or detached buildings in the yard. A combination of Drone Photography and Mattertag Posts can demonstrate the beauty and utility of many outdoor living arrangements. Include people drinking wine and watching the game to show how life-changing outdoor living can be, and you may find these possibilities to be decision-changing for many buyers.

So many of our builders come to us for digital technologies to replicate their in-person shopping experience. What they find is that the marketing options online in many ways exceed what is possible in person, inspiring home buyers’ imaginations at a fraction of the cost.

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