Six Ways to Add Technology to Your Place - From Our Partners At Moen

North Olmsted, Ohio… A smart, connected home is what’s in style. In fact, since 2014, research shows smart technology has increased in priority during renovations, especially for first-time home buyers.* Wondering what options are out there? Here are six ways to add some tech to your space.


Smart home devices to add to your home.


1. Design the Perfect Shower

The first Wi-Fi/cloud-based digital shower on the market, U by Moen™ shower allows users to precisely set shower temperature and flow with an in-shower digital controller – or from their smartphone, thanks to the helpful app. Need extra snooze time? Power on the shower from bed, and it will alert you when it’s ready. Picky about your shower preferences? The ability to set up to 12 custom pre-sets in the app ensures you get your perfect shower every time.

2. Stay Cool and Comfortable

Select smart thermostats on the market today intuitively understand when to turn on heating or cooling equipment based on your home’s unique energy profile, the weather outside, and thousands of other data points to make sure you’re comfortable at all times. Some units even claim to save homeowners enough energy to pay for themselves.


Smart home devices to add to your home.


3. Be Hands-Off in the Kitchen

Imagine the convenience of having a kitchen faucet turn water on or off, without a touch. Faucets with Moen’s MotionSense Wave™ touchless technology feature single-sensor hands-free activation, allowing users to easily activate the faucet with the wave of a hand. It’s perfect for when your hands are too full or messy to turn on the faucet and also helps to minimize the spread of dirt and germs, since there’s no need to touch the faucet to start the flow of water.

4. Make Food Prep Smarter

Not sure how to blend your favorite concoction? Vitamix® Ascent™ Series blenders have you covered. These high-performance, Bluetooth-enabled blenders are compatible with a family of SELF-DETECT™ Containers that sense which container is being used and automatically adjust settings. The Ascent Series machines also connect and communicate with the Vitamix Perfect Blend™ Smart Scale and Recipe App to seamlessly guide you through recipe preparation.

5. Keep Your Eye on Fido

Ever wonder what your dog is up to while you’re away at work? Now, there are fun, tech-based ways to check in on your furry friends thanks to pet cameras. These HD cameras enable owners to monitor their pets with a wide-angle view, day and night. Some even offer an app that allows owners to toss a treat to their dogs and even play a game of catch. Plus, a barking sensor sends notifications to your phone so you can see what’s happening and calm your pooch down via a two-way chat.

6. Create the Right Ambiance

The perfect lighting is now right at your fingertips. Instead of a regular incandescent bulb, smart lightbulbs allow homeowners to control lighting with a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. Want to turn on lights when you’re away? Or, adjust the brightness and/or color? No problem. What’s more, the bulbs last a lot longer and even help save energy.

At the end of the day, the best part about smart technology is you can create a space that’s just right for you. From customizing your kitchen to creating a more luxurious bathroom, smart home devices cater to your unique preferences, elevating your everyday experiences.

Want to enhance your space with smart home devices for your kitchen and bathroom? Check out the smart home selections from Moen.


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