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New Home Lifestyles Showcases The Best In New Home Design from Across The CountryLaunched this year by, New Home Lifestyles is a Facebook Live streamed video campaign that debuts the best in new home design from across the country. The stream showcases model home and community tours from the Facebook page and is shared to over 68,000+ new home seekers.

Perks of Utilizing New Home Lifestyles

Since the beginning of its conception, NHL has seen these broadcasts produce more leads and direct engagement via social media. The idea behind NHL is to send more traffic to your sites and sell more homes. These live broadcasts just don’t stop there – they have the ability to be shared across all platforms (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) by the builders and communities we are showcasing.

The best part of this new offering? It’s FREE with your BDX Listings bundle.

Getting Started

Want to showcase your beautiful homes but don’t know where to begin? To run a favorable New Home Lifestyles broadcast, all you need are:

  • Someone to host the broadcast (ideally, a community representative)
  • A smartphone with a camera capable of connecting the internet
  • Access to a WIFI connection in the home you will be touring
  • A smartphone stabilizer (we can provide one if needed!)
  • Someone to film the tour using the smartphone

You might be thinking, why do we need a community representative to host the tour? Good question! There is nothing more genuine and profoundly informative than community reps and sales reps taking viewers through the model homes they work with and sell each day.

But wait! How does New Home Styles even work on the back-end of things?

Through innovative technologies, we have the ability to throw the broadcast directly to the community being showcased anywhere in the country and we [BDX] manage the broadcast in real time by:

  • Adding captions and additional information
  • Moderating comments for real time engagement
  • Providing call-to-actions during the home tour

Once the tour has ended, we send it back to our headquarters where our host wraps up the broadcast and informs the audience to get more information – providing a final call-to-action.

Next Steps

Ready to jump on the New Home Lifestyles bandwagon? Click here to learn more and reserve your date.

Once the form is filled out, our New Home Lifestyles lead will be reaching out with a set up call, best practices and broadcast date schedule expectations.

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