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SalesMaxx Is The Latest Technology For The Home Building IndustryIn the home building industry, staying up-to-date with the latest technology will give your business the tools you need to beat out the competition. And with so many home builders out there fighting for the same prospects, having even the slightest edge over your competitors can go a very long way. But with so many different types of technology hitting the shelves on any given day, staying updated and informed might be difficult. In this post, we’ll be featuring SalesMaxx, which is a solution that will help you take your sales efforts to the next level. We’ll dive into more information about SalesMaxx, including its benefits throughout the whole sales journey.

What is SalesMaxx?

While a kiosk is at the heart of our SalesMaxx solution, it’s really all about delivering the rich content your customers need for a fully immersive experience along their journey. When people are looking for a new home build, it’s hard to explain to the home builder exactly what they’re looking for. With the help of our SalesMaxx 2D and 3D kiosks, buyers are able to visually see their new home and make changes on the spot. This takes away the guessing game for home builders, and also gives home buyers full confidence moving forward with the home building process.

Content is King

In addition to the kiosks, SalesMaxx includes rich content to help move your customers through the home shopping journey:

Real Time Tours – Immersive and engaging virtual reality experience that allows your visitors to use video game style controllers and an optional VR headset to explore all that your homes have to offer.

Virtual Walkthroughs – Virtual models that can be put in your sales center or on the web to generate interest and engagement for unbuilt homes.

Interior Animation – Still images that are taken to the next level and give buyers a greater sense of space.

Interior Renderings – Take an unlimited number of interior renderings with 4K output directly from the SalesMaxx kiosk.

Interior Visualizer – Allow buyers to swap out materials on cabinets, floors, and walls.

Exterior Renderings – Output an unlimited number of exterior renderings at varying angles and perspectives with 4K output.

Exterior Visualizer – Capture the interest and emails of buyers with an exterior visualizer that allows them to customize the colors and materials of your homes in exchange for their website.

2D Images of 3D Floor Plans and Site Map – Give your buyers a better understanding of the space of their potential home and community.

SalesMaxx 3D Kiosks

Fully immerse yourself into the home-buying journey with the SalesMaxx 3D kiosks. Take a look at some of its key features:

  • BDX Live content integration makes updates easy and keeps data entry minimal
  • Google Map 2D/3D allows you to plug and play points of interest and gives consumers the full view of the community
  • Place your 3D home right on the lot with our 3D interactive site plan
  • Creates and emails a brochure based on each shopper session
  • A full library of digital content

SalesMaxx 2D Kiosks

SalesMaxx 2D kiosks provide an interactive experience like no other. Take a look at some of the key features:

  • Ability to easily make updates thanks to the BDX Live Content Integration tool.
  • Google Map API gives users the ability to clearly view points of interest in the home and community.
  • Each kiosk comes loaded with a Community Page—giving users key visuals of the surrounding community.
  • The Interactive Site Plan Console helps to match homes to the right lots, so both parties can know what to expect.
  • The Builder Highlight page is integrated to explain the benefits of the home building team.

Partnership with Digital Touch Systems

Our intelligent software is only made possible due to our partnership with Digital Touch Systems. This innovative company has provided us with a top-notch hardware option for our kiosks. This equipment has the following features:

  • Waterproof
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Dust Proof
  • Anti-Glare Coating
  • Multi-Touch

Contact BDX Today!

SalesMaxx is a game changer for sales centers and builders. Still skeptical? Check out this case study on TriPointe Homes and how they won multiple awards for best sales office, digital tool and more!  

To learn more about what SalesMaxx can do for your business, contact us today for a consultation!

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