Real or Game Engine?


When virtual reality and game engine technology hit the home building space, it brought a world of possibilities along with it. Finally, there was a practical and inexpensive way for builders to give consumers the experience of what a home plan could look like with additional structural and design options available for an unbuilt home. This was a revolutionary breakthrough in so many ways, but it had one downfall. The technology used for real time tours using gaming engine technology looked incredible in virtual reality, lending itself very well to an in person experience in the sales center, but still images were not as realistic as photo real renderings or still images taken from interactive walk-throughs.

While real time tours and interactive walk-throughs had practical uses, it wasn’t always practical to have to purchase both. Thanks to advancements in gaming engine technology and post-production that can be applied to still images and interactive tours, builders can now get the best of both worlds.

Virtual Reality And Game Engine Technology Hit The Home Building Space

With the creation of a real time tour, builders receive an interactive and awe-inspiring sales center experience as well as beautiful assets like interactive walk-throughs and still renderings to use online all in one tidy package. No longer do you have to settle and getting everything in one package also saves more money than purchasing everything a-la-cart. Builders are receiving up to $19k in additional content purchasing the real time tour up front. If you’re ready to take your sales center and website to the next level contact us at or visit us at



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