Real Estate Marketing is Getting Ahead of This Digital Trend: Home Buyer Geofencing by SmartTouch® Geo

Location Based Marketing + SmartTouch® Ads = 399 Tours

What is the one thing that all home buyers take everywhere they go and also allows you to serve them ads all day, every day?

Here’s another hint: 82% of shoppers turn to this item to influence a purchase decision while shopping.

That’s right. You guessed it. The smartphone!

The advent of the internet transformed the way home buyers shop, forever changing the marketing game, and internet on mobile took it to a whole new level that marketers are still fighting to get a piece of and be the first to do it. One of the latest digital trends is geofenceng.

The tech has indeed been around for a couple of years (you’ve seen the snapchat filters), but no one’s really tapped into it as a resource for the real estate industry. Until now.

SmartTouch® Geo is breakthrough geofencing technology built specifically for home builders and residential developers. Used the right way, this location-based marketing allows you to leverage mobile technology to target home buyers where they are in real-time, including competitor locations, real estate offices, apartment complexes, etc. You can then track and connect with buyers via mobile ads and drive competitor traffic to your model homes and increase tours with active buyers already in the market. That is, more qualified, bottom of the funnel buyers. Another key step is developing the right message and compelling digital ads that will drive home buyers to your community while they’re in the area.

So how can home builders and developers leverage SmartTouch® Geo in 3 easy steps?

Step 1:

Pick your target zone: target home buyers where they are located with geofences. (Competitor model homes, apartment complexes, events, etc.)

Step 2:

Define conversion zones: choose the model or community you want to influence home buyers to tour.

Step 3:

Drive traffic to conversion zones: directly connect with captured “in market” home buyers via ads on their mobile device and track them back to your model.

It’s that simple and highly effective.

Want to Know More?

What Builders & Developers are Saying About SmartTouch® Geo

The best people to tell you about the effectiveness of geofencing for the real estate industry are the builders and developers themselves who have already implemented it into their marketing plan:

“The SmartTouch® Geo solution is one of the most compelling pieces of technology we have available in our homebuilder marketing tool kit. We’ve launched a few geofencing campaigns for our Houston communities and are seeing significant results with home buyer visits to our model homes and an overall lower cost per tour.”

– Jack Bombach, Houston Division President, Saratoga Homes.

“SmartTouch® Geo puts data to tours. They’ve taken the guesswork out of how well a digital ad campaign performs by taking location-based targeting to the next level and making ads trackable and not just clickable.”

– Nick Rhodes, Rhodes Enterprises Inc.

How about we let the stats speak for themselves?

We took a look at 3 of our clients who started their SmartTouch® Geo campaigns in December 2017. From the beginning of December until the end of February 2018, these are the results of a highly targeted, location based, cutting-edge geofencing campaign:

Date Range: Dec 1-Feb 28

Client 1: Spend – $3,150/month

  • 7 Target Zones
  • 12 Conversion Zones
  • Tours: 142

Client 2: $2,500/month

  • 11 Target Zones
  • 3 Conversion Zones
  • Tours: 184

Client 3: Spend – $1,200/month

  • 5 Target Zones
  • 2 Conversion Zones
  • Tours: 73

In three months, these 3 clients generated 399 total tours to 17 model homes. Client 1 had a cost per tour of $66.55, Client 2 at $40.76, and Client 3 at $49.32 – which is an incredibly low cost and an outstanding return on investment, especially on the tail end of the holiday season!

Want More Tours? Let’s Talk.

With SmartTouch® Geo, our builder and developer clients are seeing a cost per tour between $20 – $100, the average range being around $50, compared to the national benchmark average of $350 per unit of traffic when you aggregate all media buys and divide by total tours.

Furthermore, one of the most valuable things about this type of campaign, is we can track everything. From impressions to tours, ads served to heat mapping on those very ads telling us what engaged the user, and if a particular buyer visits a model home multiple times or visits multiple model homes.

If the internet changed the game, and mobile dropped the mic, then SmartTouch® Geo will be the curtain call in the online/digital marketing revolution for the real estate industry. Gaining real estate marketers the ability to say they were one of the firsts to tactically utilize geofencing to not only capture an area, but influence where a buyer should go next.

A Further Breakdown of How it Works:

  1. Target Locations & Events Where Home Buyers Gather
  2. Capture Home Buyers From These Target Zones
  3. SmartTouch® Geo Delivers Your Ad
  4. Track Visitors That Walk Through Your Conversion Zones
  5. Get More Tours for as Low as $20 Per Unit of Traffic!

Still unsure? Ask us a question.

About SmartTouch® Interactive

SmartTouch® Interactive is an interactive marketing agency that provides proven lead generation programs, a full suite of digital marketing services, and a lead nurturing CRM/Marketing Automation platform, SmartTouch® NexGen. Our mission is to connect home builders and residential developers across the Americas with home buyers through engaging, personal, and effective messaging.

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