PPC—Your First Line of Defense

Use pay-per-click advertising to generate leads.


If website traffic numbers have you singing the winter blues a bit early this year, you should consider adding pay-per-click (PPC) to your marketing mix. When it comes to conversions, PPC is typically the best performer. With PPC, you can easily achieve brand exposure or generate a quick source of lead flow for an upcoming event or campaign. If that’s not enough to love, PPC is measurable and trackable through Google Ads. By simply using the Google Ads tool in combination with Google Analytics, you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns.  High-level performance details like impressions, clicks and conversions can all be defined, measured and tracked based on your business goals.

Everyone’s Doing It

PPC should give you a little FOMO. If you aren’t currently leveraging the power of PPC, your competitors probably are. Even if you are a decade behind your competitors, you can get up and running quickly with a little bit of optimization. This is a big contrast to starting up your organic SEO efforts, which often takes more time and attention to get the same positioning and traffic that Google Ads offers within minutes of launch.

Customizable Campaigns

PPC includes a wide range of options for reaching potential customers. Budget flexibility allows you to start small, which can help if you are just now starting to test the waters. You can also set ad budgets and bids at certain levels to stay within the total budget range or daily spending. You can also run multiple campaigns at the same time for different communities or buyer types.

Use A Professional

There is a lot of secret sauce that goes into building a successful PPC campaign and using a provider like BDX for your PPC will help you gain an advantage by tapping into deep industry and buyer knowledge. There is a reason that NewHomeSource is so effective in reaching new home shoppers from the very first search. J BDX also leverages creative insights based on the hundreds of builder client campaigns we run across the nation. Our strategy is your strategy, and we work with you to build the campaigns around your KPI’s and goals.

If you are looking for a consultative approach to helping work this powerful tool into your marketing plan, BDX Agency Solutions can help. Email us or visit theBDX.com for more information.

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