One Home Rendering = Limitless Possibilities for One Home Builder

Like many home builders, Oak Creek Homes sells the same floor plans across many of its locations. However, with their showrooms spread out across Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, what a house looks like once placed on a property can vary significantly from city to city, let alone state to state.  

To give new home shoppers a better feel for how one of their houses may look in various environments, Oak Creek asked BDX to produce multiple 3D renderings off of a single concept. The idea was to depict the home in different scenarios and with various color schemes during the day and night. The result is a stunning collection of renderings that showcase the plan uniquely.

By creating multiple renderings from a single concept, Oak Creek saved both money and time with BDX. For the new home shopper, it removes the guesswork and gets them one step closer to contract. Oak Creek Homes has a unique perspective as a manufactured home builder, but the same principle applies to many builders. This is an ideal solution for any builder – new construction or custom – that sells the same home with unique elevations in different environments.

Make the most of your visual content assets today. Contact BDX to learn how to take your renderings to the next level and accelerate the homebuyer journey.