NewHomeSource is Breaking Records & Delivering More Value Than Ever -- Connections for Builders up 53%!

NewHomeSource reports record-breaking traffic and the year has only started.

Every year, as the holidays wind down the new home industry begins their new selling season. Traditionally, this week (starting December 26th) is when home shoppers emerge from their food coma and start thinking about home goals and aspirations for the new year. We typically see searches for new home terms increase on our google search index along with traffic and leads increasing on the leading new home website, While 2020 delightfully surprised many in our industry with unexpected sales success, we looked to this week to see if these positive trends would continue.

As we expected, Google search traffic for new home search terms is on the rise with the start of the new year. We track these trends very closely and were not surprised to see a 32% increase in week over week searches for new homes from December 26th to January 2nd. The annual difference between wasn’t as substantial as we had seen throughout 2020 – just a 9% increase in searches year over year versus the double digit growth we had seen in previous months. But while the Google search index numbers appear to be cooling slightly, NewHomeSource gains didn’t miss a beat and continue to buck the trend.

NewHomeSource took things even further with a bigger jump as well as record-breaking traffic and leads per community in the first week of the new selling season.  Total traffic was up 43% year over year and organic traffic was up 108% year over year.  And the great news for home builders is that this increase in traffic translates into an increase in leads and home shopper connections. Connections for our builders are up 53% week over week.

So as we gear up for 2021, it’s clear that the new home market is still going strong. It’s also clear that NewHomeSource continues to be THE destination for new home shoppers. We are excited as we continue to innovate for our builders and make sure we are helping buyers at every stage of the customer journey. Now’s the time to make sure that your listings are supercharged with the content and calls to action that buyers are looking for. Not listing on NewHomeSource yet? Now’s the perfect time to get started – email us at for all the details.

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