UPDATED New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website



Problems Brands Encounter With Their Website


Why build a better website? To connect and share your services/products with the world of course! Just like people get haircuts, a website also needs a face lift ever so often. Here are a few challenges that brands encounter with their website and the resolutions they can keep for 2020:

Meeting new people

Driving traffic to your website is crucial to your lead generation strategy. To do this, you must know your audience. Take relocating buyers for example—having information about the area they’re moving to or even visualization tools on your website will move them through the home-buying funnel more easily. Another key element of driving traffic to your website begins with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Including relevant copy on your homepage and creating unique page titles that represent the desired actions you want your homebuyers to take will ensure lead conversions.

Stay in touch with old friends

A great advertising method to use is retargeting—targeting users who have previously visited your site with banner ads across the web. Retargeted shoppers have a 3X conversion rate over first time visitors—keeping you top of mind! Consider retargeting users who visit your listings on NewHomeSource.com as well.

Get organized

Ever wonder how companies manage to keep their website up-to-date with the latest information? They have a Content Management System (CMS)—WordPress, Drupal, Weebly, Wix. A CMS allows you to make basic edits without knowing html and with a BDX website, you can manage your community and home data in one place for your online listings on NewHomeSource.com and your website.

Drop a few pounds

Nothing makes a user click off a website faster than an over-abundance of images. Don’t get us wrong, having visuals on your website makes it much more appealing, but optimizing images will improve your overall site performance—this is good for SEO and the shopper’s home-buying experience. So how can you ensure your images are the right specs for your website? Save the right dimensions—view it at 100% and save and compress images for web instead of print.

Make the most of your money

When users click on your website, what do you want to happen? Do you want to generate leads? Drive sales center visits? Increase event attendance? Recruit? All of these are possible but not without a clear call-to-action (CTA) that ties back to your goals. Quick and easy access to phone, chat and email should be on the header and footer of the website and all of the CTAs should be 1-click away. Make sure your CTA buttons are across all device types and screen resolutions.

Try something new

Most users stay on a website for 15 seconds before clicking off (The Daily Egg)—adding engaging and interactive content can entice them to stay longer:

• Take your content to the next level. How are you bringing your homes to life? What can you easily upgrade-black and white floor plans to interactive? Add a virtual tour? Interior renderings?
• Use Envision to generate leads—many builders are using Envision on their websites in pre-sales mode to engage visitors. In general, builders see 3X higher conversions on Envision leads than from other sources.

If you’re facing challenges with getting more traffic to your website, generating leads, keeping your visitors engaged with relevant and up-to-date content and offering a user-friendly interface, BDX can help you navigate through these challenges and more.

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