Matte Black Accents for a Minimal and Modern Kitchen Design - From Our Partners At Moen

Matte black accents for a minimal and modern kitchen design


Matte black accents for a minimal and modern kitchen designMore than any other group, millennials are embracing a simpler, more minimal lifestyle. While there are extreme examples of this trend—look no further than the rapidly growing tiny house movement—the desire to de-clutter can best be seen in how many millennials approach design.

From favoring natural materials, like woods and stone, to a fondness for industrial features, millennial design is all about creating a functional, yet warm space that allows your personality to stand out. In the kitchen, this aesthetic can come to life in many ways, but a hot trend is the use of matte black finishes for kitchen design accents.

If you count yourself among those seeking to simplify your home, below are some design tips on how matte black finishes can help provide a clean, yet sophisticated look for your kitchen.

Matte black accents for a minimal and modern kitchen designForm Follows (Fabulous) Function

When architect Louis Sullivan wrote, "form follows function," he was talking about building Chicago's soaring skyscrapers, not kitchen faucets. But there's a reason this famous maxim became the defining credo of modern design and is still applicable today.

Put simply, Sullivan was saying that the design of an object should follow its function or purpose. In the case of your kitchen faucet, this means you should consider a design that's ergonomic, flexible and efficient.

Moen's Align Pre-Rinse Spring Kitchen Faucet is a perfect solution, combining industrial aesthetics with commercial-grade design to provide a sleek centerpiece for your kitchen. Recently, Moen released a matte black finish for this product, making it a stylish option for those hoping to get away from the overly polished look of chrome or the standard brushed stainless steel.



Matte black accents for a minimal and modern kitchen design


Bold, Not Bland

One fear of using matte finishes in kitchen design is that it will lead to a bland, uninspired look. In reality, the more muted look of a matte finish is what allows the design of the object to stand out.

If you have a unique piece of decor that you love for its shape, for example a vase or figurine, adding a matte finish can be a simple way to highlight the object. This is even more successful when you use a black matte finish, which will provide a bold counterpoint to the more natural tones of most modern kitchens.


Matte black accents for a minimal and modern kitchen designContrast is Key

Using a matte black finish in accent design is a great way to create contrast while still maintaining a sleek, modern style, but it's certainly not the only way.

When considering kitchen designs, think about all different kinds of contrast: not simple white and black, but light and dark. Consider how patterns can create contrast, or how you could mix natural materials like wood with more industrial materials like concrete or metal.

Imagine a matte white kitchen with a wood-beamed ceiling, a sleek matte black faucet and eye-catching industrial metal barstools. Finding the right combination of materials, colors, and patterns is what will make your overall design feel unique.

At the end of the day, whatever design you choose should focus on what will make you make you happiest. When thinking about your kitchen, that means considering designs and products that not only work great but also say something about you. After all, the goal is to minimize clutter, not minimize your personality. See more products that fit your ideal style from Moen

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