New Lead Form & Conversion Features on NewHomeSource

The new lead form on NewHomeSource provides the most comprehensive home shopper data to builders

It’s a mantra many builders live by – the more leads the better. But quantity does not trump quality especially if the lead provides little information about a home buyer. What is their budget? What community features are they interested in? How long did they spend researching your homes? 

At NewHomeSource, we deliver millions of new home shopper leads each year to builders across the country. But that’s just the start. Over the past few months, we have tested multiple versions of the NewHomeSource lead form to optimize for both content and conversion. The result is the most robust home shopper leads in the industry.

You won’t believe the information you’ll receive now with your NewHomeSource leads – check out the improvements below!

A Few Lead Form Edits Equals a Lot More Home Buyer Information

As mentioned above, we have been busy A/B testing almost every aspect of the NewHomeSource lead form. From the header phrasing to the lead fields to the new additional information requests, no stone has been left unturned. In the end, the form that won received almost double the number of leads in the same time period.

The new lead form on NewHomeSource provides the most comprehensive home shopper data to builders

In addition to the standard demographic data that the home buyer fills in, here is the additional information you will now receive with every NewHomeSource lead:

The new lead form on NewHomeSource provides the most comprehensive home shopper data to builders

  • A new Preferred Contact Method field has been added to email, JSON (API), XML, and text file lead formats.  Current supported options include:
    • Email 
    • Phone
    • Text Message 
  • The existing Lead Comments field has been standardized to help builders parse out the following key information:
    • Consumer Lead Types:  Appointment, Virtual Appointment, Brochure, Request Info
    • Agent Lead types:  Client Registration, Printed Client Report, Listing Shared
    • Chatbot Transcript URL
    • Shopper Profile URL - data on shopper demographics and behavior 
    • Consumer Interested in:  Complete cost details, Design options & upgrades, HOA fees & taxes, Lot & plan availability, Promotions & incentives, Community amenities
    • Consumer custom comments

Equipping You with Content for a Conversation

The end goal with all NewHomeSource leads is a conversation between you and the potential home buyer. But it’s hard to have a conversation with just an email address.

NewHomeSource works with a third party to append every lead with even more demographic data on a lead.  With our Consumer Optix program, you’ll receive:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Current location
  • Marital status
  • Children
  • Current homeowner

And we’re not done there. We also share with you what the lead did while visiting NewHomeSource:

  • How many times he/she visited NewHomeSource
  • How much time spent on the website
  • How many communities viewed

Let’s Talk! Requesting a Virtual or In-person Tour

The ultimate lead conversion metric for a builder is a tour. And today that could be virtual or in-person.

The new lead form on NewHomeSource provides the most comprehensive home shopper data to builders

Once again, we conducted various A/B tests on our form to determine which converts at the highest rate and produces the most tour requests. The result is an elegant new appointment request form on NewHomeSource. It provides detailed information about the builder and gives the home shopper complete control to request by date either an in-person tour or one via video chat, a new feature on NewHomeSource.

The new lead form on NewHomeSource provides the most comprehensive home shopper data to builders

So what are you waiting for? Go to NewHomeSource to check out all of these amazing new features for yourself! Still not listing your homes on NewHomeSource? We really need to talk! Contact your BDX sales consultant today or email us at and we’ll hook you up with a NewHomeSource expert.

P.S. – We’re not done improving NewHomeSource! Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’re revealing a new and free consumer educational resource for builders and read part one of the blog series here.

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