Metrostudy Webcast: Community and Product Insights



Metrostudy Shares The Latest Trends And Thought-Provoking Ideas To Consider Based On Their Nation-wide Resources For Home Sales.


Right Sizing Kitchen & Bath Trends


Wednesday, June 19th

2 PM EST/1 PM CST (find your local time)



During this webcast, our friends at Metrostudy will share some of the latest trends and thought provoking ideas to consider based on their nation-wide resources for new home sales, consumer and product insights, as well as online shopping behaviors with today’s new home shoppers. 



The presenter, Mollie Carmichael, will cover:

  • What features are most important in these spaces?

  • What features will they pay for most?

  • How do preferences change by region/zone and buyer groups?

  • What styles are trending up and which styles are trending out?

  • What are some new ideas on smart sizing space for larger function with less space?

  • What new innovations can apply to realistic production design in the future?


To learn more about these trends, join this webcast with Mollie.

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