Meet the BDX Team – Media

BDX Media Captures Builder Stories with Video and Photography


Meet the Team - Media

Team Members -

  • Brad – Sr. Director, Media Production
  • Kathryn – Sr. Producer
  • Rebecca  – Production Coordinator

Team Motto – Yes we can!

Team Song - Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes

What is your favorite room in your house and why? 

  • Brad – Living room. Great view from the main window, yet still a perfect place to watch movies.
  • Kathryn - The living room because that’s where we spend the evenings as a family, happy my teenager wants to hang with us still!
  • Rebecca - The family/living room because it's the place I go to relax and decompress.

When we’re able to travel again, where is the first place you want to go? 

  • Brad - Seattle to visit family
  • Kathryn - England to visit my family
  • Rebecca - We would love to go to New Zealand, but first probably a European getaway

Last TV show or series you binge-watched? 

  • Brad – Schitt’s Creek, it’s brilliant
  • Kathryn - Currently re-watching/binge-watching Futurama
  • Rebecca - Grimm


BDX Media Captures Builder Stories with Video and Photography



Tell us a “Cinderella Story” – your favorite or funniest client story

I feel like every day our team pulls off miracles. Most projects tend to have tight, often unrealistic deadlines, yet my team including our freelance editors and camera ops, always rise to the occasion. Doing, “Whatever it takes” to make it happen.

Tell us about a “Buzzer Beater” - a client/project that positively surprised you. What was the result? 

Social Media Shorts. A client came to us with the idea of creating a package price for several videos that they could shoot at one time and use in their social media throughout the year. The first batch we created for them generated over 1M views. We have since taken that model to other builders.

Tell us about a “Bracket Buster” – the toughest challenge/obstacle a client has brought to you that you were able to complete in the nick of time.  

An in-person summit company moved it all online, using zoom and prerecorded interviews. They wanted a “60-minutes,” story-style event. For a variety of reasons, the client had trouble getting Zoom interviews completed within the desired timeline. That left us one week to complete (13) twenty to thirty-minute videos, including green-screen composites and gathering of b-roll (supporting materials). This was indeed a team effort for our internal staff and our freelance editors. Tight timelines are often unavoidable, but we always deliver!

What is a “Slam Dunk” strategy or tactic builders can do in 2021 that can make the biggest impact? 

Bring it online! Digital Matterport Tours and videos are the solutions for the current lack of in-person showings. Use technology to connect with your customers.

Co-op advertising - Manufacturers are now helping builders pay for tours and videos about their homes. We can help set this up for any builder.

What should builders avoid to prevent an “Upset”?​ 

The current gravy train of reduced “used home” inventory will soon end, you must have a plan in place for when that shifts. We’d suggest meeting customers where they are. More and more Millennials are buying homes, sight-unseen.  Make sure you have everything in place for them to tour your homes, educate themselves about you as a builder and even provide the opportunity to buy or at least put money down, online. It is happening and more builders need to embrace it. 

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