Mattertags Give Context to Spaces in Your 3D Model Tours


In a recent post, we introduced you to 5 Ways Builders Can Use Matterport Tours. This immersive 360˚ virtual tour engages buyers online with a 3D experience so real, it’s like being there in a model home.

Matterport Tours can be used to showcase all of your models available in a community, and multiple possible finishes for a model. You can even use them to feature your custom homes or pre-drywall blueprints.

New Enhancement Acts as a Digital Salesperson

What would make this experience even more impressive is a feature that could bring your best salesperson into the Matterport Tour. This virtual representative would direct the buyer’s attention to your superior construction quality and workmanship. It would provide details about available elevations, floor plan variations, design options, flooring, fixtures, appliances and plumbing.

Like your best salesperson, this technology would optimize profit margins on every home by building value and up-selling all of your options and upgrades. Unlike your best salesperson, it would work for all of your buyers, not just the few who visit your models.

This technology isn’t on the horizon. It’s here and BDX has it. It’s called Mattertag™ Posts.

What are Mattertag Posts?

Mattertag Posts are sleek, simple, and powerful storytelling annotations, viewable from any perspective as the buyer moves around the 3D spaces. When the visitor mouses over or clicks on a Mattertag marker anchored to a feature like a granite countertop, a billboard appears with a title and text description.

Using these tags, you can call out features and add context to your spaces by describing the benefits and available options. Or you can use tags to make the experience more interactive and engaging. Almost anything is possible. Ask a question, such as “Did You Know a programmable thermostat can lower your utility bills by as much as 20%?”

You can even use Mattertag Posts to anchor rich media including photos, video, animations, and points in 3D space. If your bathroom fixture vendor has produced high quality videos, why not link a video or animation of your waterfall shower in action to the product?

This content vastly expands the amount of information a Matterport Tour can convey about your homes. It is the digital equivalent to providing your visitors a tour of the model home they are most interested in, guided by your most knowledgeable salesperson. She’s the one who knows every model inside and out, including every competitive advantage, every option, every feature, and every benefit.

In other words, the Matterport Tours and Mattertag Posts technologies do not simply aim to replicate the real-world model home experience; they aim to exceed it.

To learn more about Mattertags and showcasing your homes in the best way possible email BDX at


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