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Tough times often bring out the best of humanity, whether it’s dropping off groceries for a friend or donating time and resources. Stories about selfless acts of kindness can portray the feeling that everything is going to be okay if we tackle the challenge together. We’re highlighting three of our manufacturer partners that are taking the selfless route to help front line workers fight the pandemic. In a time where businesses may have concerns over profits, it’s encouraging to see so many step up to the plate and putting lives first.

Taking Care of Basic Needs
Plumbing and fixture manufacturer, Kohler moved swiftly to ground zero in New York City to provide something many of us take for granted—showers. For healthcare providers on the front lines, a shower is critical to be able to prevent the spread of the virus. Healthcare workers and staff are working long hours at a remote field hospital making this basic necessity a challenge. We love Kohler’s swift response in providing shower trailers. Considering Kohler provides some of the most popular lighting and plumbing fixtures on the market, it’s also a great example of ingenuity when it comes to re-purposing resources they already have. Way to go Kohler!

BDX's Manufacturers Help Frontline Workers Fight During This Difficult Time

Putting People To Work
Honeywell, known in the building industry for their smart home solutions, has implemented a two-fold giveback plan. In a time where companies are considering layoffs and American unemployment rates are rising, Honeywell announced that they are adding 500 jobs at their Arizona manufacturing plant and 500 in their Rhode Island plant and no, it’s not to produce more smart thermostats. They’re bringing on 500 people in each location to produce something our country desperately needs more of right now, N95 masks. This expansion should help supply millions of N95 masks to combat the pandemic. You can read the full article posted this week on Mass Device here.

Paving the Way For a Volunteer Army
Frigidaire is giving back to the relief effort in a way that empowers more people with the ability to do good. They’ve enlisted a volunteer army and provided the filters to create 60,000 masks for front line workers. Sometimes providing people with the means to help can do more to lift their spirits than doing it alone. We love this community approach!

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We’re bound to see more stories like this in the coming weeks and it makes us proud to be a part of the building industry, proud to be Americans and proud to be human. For more uplifting stories, keep an eye on the BDX blog. Stay safe everyone.



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