Making The Sales Center Smarter With Digital Signage

The Sales Center just got smarter with Digital signage

The Sales Center got smarter. TV’s are not just placeholders in the model home any longer, but stand in sales personnel controlled from a central location. 2020 may have been about learning to reinvent, live and shop in a new way, but in many ways the new adaptations are making every facet of our business smarter. One of those upgrades is the BDX digital signage solution—a powerful and easy-to-use content management system for the displays in your sales center or model home.

Digital Signage is a great way to ensure your model homes are streaming accurate information. All of the content is managed from one central location and deployed instantly across every display. The ability to update on the fly will make certain that inaccurate information isn’t displayed and gives you the flexibility to change creative more often. The displays work online or offline and receive automatic updates so you never have to worry about the logistics of making sure it’s working.

Engage your audience with rotating social media and news, digital menus, graphics, videos, photography and more. A series of widgets makes creating and posting content easy! A live content preview allows the design to be seen before posting. Digital signage also gives you the opportunity to create playlists and time airings to coincide with special events. Digital signage is like the maestro of your sales center.

Digital signage is an affordable way to get your TV’s in the game and working for you. Want to learn more? Email us.

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