How To Make Your Renderings Go A Million Marketing Miles


Top 5 Tips To Create Engaging Content From Your Digital Assets Online


2020 is here and we’re sitting with exactly a twelfth of the year behind us. January has come and gone in a blur and now it’s time to focus even more on preparing for the year ahead. To help you out, we’ve included our top 5 tips to get the most marketing miles out of your digital assets to make sure you squeeze every benefit out of them for the selling season and beyond.


It’s time to repurpose your renderings and floor plans—everywhere! You made the initial investment into beautiful photo real renderings, but don’t just stop with adding them to your website or listings. You should do that too, but there are other ways that you can create content from your renderings that you can easily share everywhere.

  1. Create A Video

Launched a new plan or want to highlight an old one? You can take one rendering and floor plan and turn it into a short video using free video collage tools that you can find online. Start by creating a story board of all of the details of the plan that you want to tell. Even if you only have one rendering to work with, you can easily get additional views or perspectives from your graphics provider and fill in with your storyboard words on a colored background. Have a few extra dollars to spend? Your graphics team can render the home in an additional color scheme.

Statistic: Having a video on your website increases conversions by 86% according to HubSpot.

  1. Create a Blog

Having a blog on your website can help you earn favor with search engines and home shoppers. It’s not always easy finding something to talk about, but this fresh marketing content will do wonders for driving traffic to your website and increasing engagement on social media. Each one of your renderings can easily turn into a blog post in which you highlight all of the features and available options of a plan as well as what communities it’s available in. Don’t forget to include the rendering as your featured image, keywords and a strong call to action!

Statistic: Blogs with images get 94% more views than those without according to Marketer, Jeff Bullas.

  1. Create A Marketing Email

The home buying process is lengthy, averaging 3-12 months. It’s important to keep buyers engaged during the process, but how? Start a nurture campaign or newsletter! While you probably have plenty of new community and open house announcements to make, you can also base some of the content around your renderings and home plans.

Statistic: Sharing content through email is 3 times more likely to also be shared on social media creating a compounding effect, according to Omnicore.

  1. Create An Online Quiz

Want to have a little fun and generate some leads on social media? Online quizzes or polls are easy to setup and can be some of your most visited posts on social media, so have some fun creating a fun “Which Home Represents Your Personality Quiz.” If you gate the results, you can will get email addresses and learn your audience preferences at the same time!

Statistic: According to BuzzFeed, 96% of people who start an online quiz will finish it.

  1. Create A Social Media Post

Renderings can be some of the richest visual assets that you have and are great subjects for social media. Whether you have a new plan to add to the lineup or want to talk about an old favorite, renderings should be a regular part of your social media calendar.

Statistic: According to Clutch, written articles, videos, and images are the three most engaging types of content on social media.

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