Let’s Talk About CEX and Your Business



"CEX" Is The Entire Customer Experience As It Relates To Your Company's Marketing Plan Recently, we had our Digital Transformation Summit and BDX’s very own, Melissa Morman, presented on customer experience as your brand. Here’s a recap of her presentation.

Talking about “CEX” at work can take some getting used to, but it is crucial to the success of your brand. And things will be far less awkward when your co-workers realize you aren’t talking about your personal life, but a catchy new acronym for customer-centric marketing. CEX refers to the entire customer experience as it relates to your company’s marketing plan.

While it can be challenging to perfect the customer experience, building a CEX-y marketing plan will put your company on the right path to value-driven sales.

Brands that embody the customer experience

Personifying CEX in a value-driven way starts with data. Form a hypothesis about CEX-centric improvements specific to your company and then analyze the data to determine how to best test your theory.

Here are some companies that have nailed the strategy for awesome CEX every time!

  • Cirque Du Soleil epitomizes CEX by creating a sensory immersive performance that engages the audience on an emotional level. It reinvented CEX as we know it at the circus.
  • Zappos focuses on keeping employees happy and well-trained to provide excellent CEX every time. It has been said that it is harder to get hired at Zappos than it is to get into Harvard University.
  • Disney’s management team and staff incarnate CEX by creating personalized interactions that propagate lifetime relationships for repeat business, which sometimes extends for years.

Strategies for great customer experience

An amazing customer experience is paramount to business success. But it must be executed systematically and congruently to the company vision to be of any significant benefit. While effective execution may be challenging, the significance of CEX is that it directly affects the bottom line and the life of the company.

Here are three key strategies to deliver extraordinary CEX every time.

  • The Blue Ocean Strategy is the concept of creating an entirely new niche market for your specific company by differentiating your product or service in a way that hasn’t been done. This allows your business to thrive in a market with no competition (where the water is blue and calm).
  • Leadership & Culture strategy removes the focus on management team members as the defining element of the customer experience. Instead, it focuses on intelligent management strategies for the company and its staff as a whole to create an intelligent and amazing customer experience.
  • The Art Meets Science approach starts with Design Thinking: incorporating valid data as a visionary approach to creating the perfect CEX. As businesses strive to enhance customer touch-points across technological media, the science incorporates resources, such as data and strong analytics, to create an architecture that propagates incredible CEX based on value.

Design Thinking and the customer-centric approach go way beyond the traditional, outdated methods of form and structure. Incredible CEX is the new benchmark for thriving companies.

To better understand the friction points that specifically impact your sales and marketing organizations, check out our Infographic

Find out more about having great CEX at work by checking out Melissa’s presentation. If your company is tired of ho-hum CEX that doesn’t turn on the charm, contact BDX to learn how your business can improve its CEX life.

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