Image Marketing- Tips, Tricks, and Using AI?

Tips On How To Use Image Marketing For New Homes

Since the advent of graphic design, imagery has been the focal point of advertising and marketing. Even in a day and age where Google searches are populated from keyword rich text, images still play a key role in driving traffic. According to Quora, 10.1% of all Google searches are image related. Daily page views of Google images is 1 billion! Social media and content all perform better when accompanied by a beautiful image solidifying the undeniable fact that rendering and photography should be a top priority in your marketing strategy. Read on for a few tips on how to capitalize on your investment.

Make em’ beautiful!
While showing up in search results is important, (don’t worry—we’ll get to the tips on that subject) nothing is as important as quality when it comes to your renderings or photography. Poor image quality, undesirable lighting or a messy model home won’t entice a buyer to click on your image! If you are scheduling a photographer or sales associate to take photos of a completed model, make sure they have a list of best practices to follow to get the best shot. BDX uses a general check list for preparing a model home that includes tips like making sure the model is clean, bedding is wrinkle free, and pillows are neatly placed. Details matter!

Use artificial intelligence to tag your images.
Did you know that you can use artificial intelligence to identify keywords associated with your images? Inscene is an artificial intelligence engine that provides detailed insights about the content on every image in your library. BDX enables you to use our API or simply upload your images and instantly receive a wealth of data and insights for each image. Use this intelligence to improve SEO, fill gaps in your image library, understand the items visible in each room, and assess data quality. You can have an instant analysis of your images, keywords included without having to go through them one by one.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but words matter too.
We all know the saying that pictures are worth a thousand words and it’s true! According to recent research at MIT, the brain can process an image in 13 milliseconds! That’s pretty fast processing, but even so, marketers shouldn’t neglect descriptions especially when it comes to the descriptions on your listings or website. There is a growing trend for long term searches so try to get in the minds of your home shoppers when you write up descriptions for your homes instead of following the status quo. You can even try a few long tail searches in Google and see what pops up like ‘new homes for sale in Travis County school district’ or ‘new homes for sale in a gated community.’

Need a new photographer, beautiful renderings or want to learn about tagging your images with AI? BDX does that! Email us at or visit



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