How Virtual Reality is Disrupting the Industry



Virtual Reality Is Disrupting The Home Building Industry


Imagine closing a deal with a buyer that has never visited your model home.

Today’s homebuilding marketers are using the latest media technologies to make this dream a reality. Today, builders can provide potential buyers with virtual reality tours, giving them long-distance home viewing options that have never been available before.

Keep reading to learn how virtual reality is disrupting the industry in ways you never imagined.

Homebuyers are more informed than ever before

Homebuyers have turned to technology to simplify their homebuying customer journey. Today’s homebuyers now have access to more information online than ever. As a result, buyers are making more informed and intelligent buying decisions using their many available online resources. And they are getting further along in this process before ever talking to a builder.

Homebuilders are using inbound marketing strategies to proactively inform customers by providing as much information as possible on their websites, social media networks and blogs.

Showcase your homes, communities and design options virtually

Have you ever sold a home to someone without a model for them to visit? Welcome to virtual reality marketing. This new age marketing strategy is ideal for homebuilder marketers who are looking for innovative approaches to showcase more homes to more potential buyers.

Virtual reality marketing eliminates the need for maintaining and staging multiple model homes and allows the buyer to come to the house, or vice versa, wherever they are. This virtual showcase benefits both the homebuilder and the buyer.

Use the tools of the trade

It has become easier than ever to showcase your homes to potential buyers nationwide virtually. What this means for marketing-savvy builders is that you have a unique opportunity to reach more potential buyers than ever. You’re no longer limited by geography.

BDX specializes in keeping our homebuilding marketing partners at the forefront of the industry by implementing and executing innovative marketing strategies.  Let’s take a look at some of the tools that today’s savvy home marketers are using.

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard is an innovative new technology that turns your smartphone into a virtual reality viewing device. Allow potential buyers to experience the feeling of the immersive virtual viewing experience.

Walk up and down stairs, open closets and doors as if they were present in the room from miles away. Cardboard is an affordable option for showcasing properties to potential buyers anywhere in the world.

OculusRift and OculusGo
These are two popular virtual reality headsets that tech marketers have been incorporating into their marketing strategy. Both the Rift and Go versions from Oculus provide users with an immersive virtual reality experience that can be linked to a variety of available games and apps.

The Oculus Rift takes the virtual experience to new heights by including hand tracking that gives users the feel of handling and moving objects virtually. The Oculus Go is well suited for standalone 360-degree immersive video presentations like showcases and walkthroughs that don’t require the degree of fully immersive interaction that the Rift is capable of.

SamsungGear VR
The Samsung version of the Oculus brand of virtual reality headsets promises to “take you on an adventure that you’ve only previously dreamt of.” This virtual reality headset is another available marketing tool that homebuilding marketers can use to share their properties with long-distance prospects.

Final Considerations

Virtual reality marketing allows homebuilders to reach prospective buyers wherever they are while drastically reducing the amount of time it takes for homebuyers to go from consideration to purchase.

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