How to Sell Homes Site Unseen



Home Builders Can Sell Homes Site Unseen Using BDX's Online listing Services And Virtual Tours


According to Redfin, during 2015 and 2016, one in five home buyers bid online before seeing a home in person. What’s even more astonishing is almost 40 percent of people who purchased homes over $750,000 bid blindly. Seeing is believing and this phenomenon applies to the home building industry as well. But what if the buyers can’t visit the house in person? How can builders sell a house site unseen? Well, BDX’s services help bring homes to life online and show potential home buyers a realistic visualization and representation of the house from the comfort of their home. But let’s start from the beginning – how will home shoppers find your home in the first place?

List on the Top New Home Website

First, your out-of-town home shoppers are going to search and explore the home market online, so starting with aggregator sites like NewHomeSource is a good idea. NewHomeSource is the leading website for new homes and in many markets is the first search result that shoppers will see.

On NewHomeSource, you can include your photos, tours, videos, renderings and interactive floor plans, as well as other information such as community and school details that will give a full picture to your potential home buyers. So now that you’ve captured the attention of your home buyers, you now have to persuade them with media and a visual representation of what their future home will look like.

Create an Interactive Experience 

Make your buyers feel right at home – even if they’re looking at a computer screen. Today’s technology gives your home buyer an accurate representation of their soon-to-be home. BDX’s real-time virtual reality tours are an immersive and interactive experience. Potential homebuyers can tour and interact with each room just like they would if they were touring the model on-site. Our VR tours are so realistic that one of our local builders had a grand opening and unfortunately did not have their model home finished in time and asked us to create the VR tour of the model to display at their grand opening. We created the model exactly how they envisioned, down to the same furniture they were planning to use in the model home.

“At first, we were concerned about the other builders having their models completed with furniture but after this event, we felt the situation turned out to be to our advantage,” said the builder.  Using BDX’s services, this builder successfully connected with potential home buyers and won them over with the virtual experience.

Interactive floor plans are another way we can give a visual to your potential home buyer, who is buying the house site unseen. 91% of buyers said Interactive Floorplans influenced their decision to purchase a home (Source: Bokka Group). We provide an authentic representation of conveying a floor plan design, in 2D and 3D floor plans.  Our experts match your unique style and will enhance the appearance of your listings and marketing portrayal when you employ this service. Interactive floorplans can even include drag and drop furniture.

These are just a few of the ways we can help your online shopping experience. To learn more about these strategies and more, contact one of our expert digital marketing representatives.

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