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New Home Agents Connects Homebuilders With Real Estate Agents


Making connections with real estate agents is a crucial step in the home building process because they are the liaison between you – the home builder – and your buyers. Over 63 percent of new building projects are sold by real estate agents, so don’t miss the opportunity to connect with agents and drive more business. The first step in building a relationship with an agent is to reach out, and with BDX’s New Home Agent Connections, that just got a whole lot easier.

During this post, we’ll learn what New Home Agent Connections are, how to solve five common issues agents have with builders, and how to get started.

What is the New Home Agent Connections Service?

New Home Agent Connections is a successful way to start relationships with area agents in a specific geography that you select to target. We start with an eflyer that you provide or we create using one of our proven templates. The service is perfect to help builders promote events, specials and offers at a fraction of the cost of print media. We also track the progress of your email. Comprehensive reports are delivered automatically after a week from the campaign launch.

New Home Agents Connects Homebuilders With Real Estate AgentsAnd we don’t stop with the email, now with every campaign, your message is also delivered to our exclusive Facebook audience in a dedicated post – this added value is included at no additional charge.

5 Strategies to Solve Agent Pain Points

Relationships with agents can sometimes be a struggle, but with these five approaches builders can reinforce their relationship:

  • One of the reasons agents stray away from recommending a new home is because they are not familiar with the home building process themselves. Arrange training for your local agents with brokers, realtor associations and your local HBA.
  • Have a layout of expectations and information ready to show the agents the process, from beginning to end.
  • Have access to information available on your website for agents – include agent events, and a policy document that outlines how your company works with and compensates agents.
  • One easy way to strengthen your relationship with agents is to be available to communicate with them during their preferred hours – this seems like common sense but it’s sometimes overlooked.
  • Be more than just an acquaintance with agents – develop a personal relationship with them. Build your relationship with them several different ways, including: hosting regular agent-only events, attending broker association or MLS events, or looking for meetups with agents where builders are permitted.

How to Get Started with New Home Agent Connections

Getting started is easy, contact your digital marketing specialist at BDX or email us at You’ll start by selecting the markets you want to target, then send any content you want to be included in the email — either your html creative or details so we can build your eflyer using a template. Once you’ve submitted your order, expect a turnaround time of 1-2 business days. You’ll approve the proof and your email is ready to send!

Connecting with your local agents is imperative because they are the bridge to your new home shoppers. Maintain your relationship by applying the five tips we discussed, daily. To learn more about how BDX can help you connect with local agents, get in touch with one of our digital marketing experts.

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