How Homebuilders Can Win at Search Engine Marketing


Here are 5 Simple SEO Strategies to Implement


Search Engine Optimization Strategies To Help Home Builder Drive Qualified Leads To Their WebsiteSearch engine marketing increases the quantity and quality of your website traffic by optimizing your web content to contain targeted keywords. As a result, you can gain exposure using search engine optimization (SEO) marketing techniques to generate (and convert) more qualified leads.

By effectively using SEO marketing, you can drive more qualified leads to your builder website.


Learn to Crawl

When it comes to search engine marketing, crawling is actually a good thing. Crawling occurs when a search engine scours all available digital content and then organizes that content into hierarchies and categories. This is an example of site indexing and ranking.

Google handles millions of requests for information hourly. Using the correct keywords and optimizing your website for SEO can assure that your site is ranking and being found for the correct keywords.


Target the Right Keywords

More website traffic means more conversions. In order to increase the amount of traffic to your builder site, it is critical to target the correct keywords when planning your SEO strategy.

Important keywords to target are those words that you use daily to define your builder identity and brand. Search engines return the best match for user queries, so it is important to do qualitative research in advance to know what search terms your customers are already searching for.

Once you know what terms your customers are searching for you can generate content around those terms. According to Moz, the majority of online web traffic is handled by search engines.

Think of search engines as being the traffic directors (like policemen with whistles and white gloves) for your web traffic. When a user initiates a query the search engine delivers the best result based on the keywords entered in the user query.


Optimize Your Site Speed

UX optimization focuses on providing the best experience for your users. Make your builder site easily searchable and content rich. Faster and easier navigation means a better overall user experience.

Satisfied users lead to a direct increase in conversion rates, as customers are able to locate content and make selections easily without getting lost within your site pages or loops.

Create Memorable Content

And by memorable, we mean original. Ever since Google’s new algorithm update, Google has been cracking down on content that, for a lack of better terms, is bad. Want to rank on the first page? Develop content that makes readers want to take action. For home builders, this could be as simple as producing a blog post that is informative (think Top 5 reasons to move to Austin) or a video blog post (think of a testimonial from a client or a model-home walkthrough).


Don’t Forget About Social

Having a good SEO strategy doesn’t end with optimizing your website. Search engines also search social media sites, which means that your active social networks should also be optimized for SEO.

Adding keywords to your social profiles and headers will drive SEO traffic from your social media channels directly to your website. When buyers reach your website via organic SEO they are more likely to complete the next steps in your buying process.

BDX works with home builders specifically to help improve SEO and generate more qualified home buyer leads. BDX specializes in creating organic SEO strategies that get results for builders, offering SEO services that include weekly reporting for keyword ranking, organic reports and SEO monitoring.

If you’re a home builder looking to generate more qualified home buyer leads for your website, contact BDX for an SEO consultation.

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