Home Shoppers Will Thank You For These 5 Builder Marketing Ideas

  1. Online Design Centers

For home shoppers, the options selection and design process is one of the most exciting steps during the buying journey, but it can also be intimidating. Enter the online design center! Solutions like Envision allow you to showcase all of your options even before the contract is signed so your buyers can make selections, create wishlists, develop mood boards and even use online visualizers to see their selections in the room.

  1. Geospatial Interactive Site Plans

When your product is location based, it’s important that your customers can find you. BDX has three mapping solutions to choose from, but the Geospatial ISP is the latest buzz with builders. Why does a Geospatial ISP make sense? Let’s start with the most obvious reason – it ensures your community streets show up on the mapping services and allows your shoppers and vendors to find your community even before it is built. The second reason is the solution incorporates an interactive site plan so home shoppers can see available lots, available homes, and view home plans that fit on the lots based on rules that you can set up.

  1. High Quality Interior Renderings

Most builders have great exterior renderings or photos, but what about the interiors? When you consider that your biggest competition in the sales process is resale homes, it makes sense to invest in beautiful interior renderings of your key rooms. And today’s rendering quality is so terrific – it’s hard to tell the difference between a rendering and high definition photography!


Five Content Ideas New Home Shoppers Will like.


  1. Virtual Staging

Virtually stage your spec homes. We might sound like a broken record, but by virtually staging your spec homes we can virtually guarantee that you will sell your move-in-ready homes sooner! For as little as $300 you can add furniture and décor to 3 rooms. Want to get the absolute best results? Add the before and after images to your image galleries on your listings to give home shoppers an idea of what the room looks like with furniture and then a blank canvas to picture their own furniture.

  1. 360 Visualizers

It’s often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video shows a thousand pictures. It’s fair to assume that interactive media takes this analogy a monstrous leap forward. The ability to navigate a room or entire home at will and view options selections from different angles is a game changer. We’ve finally reached the point where online has stark benefits to in-person. One room can essentially be a hundred rooms and an endless consumer storyline of working through likes and dislikes searching for the perfect room. The results—increased time on site and deep level engagement.  



Your buyers will thank you when you put your best foot forward with the latest marketing and technology trends. And BDX is here to help make it all easy and turnkey – reach out at info@thebdx.com.

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