Happy Homeowners Share Their Experience with Envision Online Design Center at Epcon Communities



Homeowners Share Their Experience With The Envision Online Design Center At Epcon CommunitiesMy wife Andrea and I wanted to share some thoughts on our experience with the Envision program that was available to us for the selection process on our Epcon Condominium in Jerome Village.

We had previously built our first condominium with Epcon and the selection process was not only limited in scope but we also did not have much time to really think about the selections we were making.

With our second condo, the Envision software that was provided to us made things so much easier.  My wife and I had a considerable amount of time to look at all the selections room by room to get ideas on what was available before we went to the design center to finalize our choices.  The design center provided us with the opportunity to look at the choices we had made on Envision and finalize our decisions.  We were not looking at the selection choices for the first time and then trying to make all of our decisions on everything at once.  The selection choices offered by Epcon on the second condominium were so much greater than on our first, we wanted time to make sure we looked at everything available.  We were able to do that with Envision.

My wife, although not a designer, has a very good idea of what works in a home as far as color schemes, tiles and counter tops, and hardware so having the Envision software to look at everything multiple times before finalizing our choices was so helpful.  I have to believe it was helpful to Meredith at the design center as well since she had some direction from us before we arrived.

We can say that this part of purchasing our condominium was a very positive experience for us.

Happy Homeowners from Jerome Village, Shared by Rob Krohn, VP of Marketing | Epcon Communities 

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