Getting Through The Gloomy Season

Have you started the countdown yet? In 14 days we will find ourselves waking up to another glorious time change and longer days of sunlight. March 8th marks the day the time changes and the spring selling season is likely to kick into high gear—an exciting time indeed!

Are you ready? Have you considered how you will capture a buyer’s eye as they search through an endless sea of listings? Color or lack of color can affect the way home shoppers respond. The field of color psychology is based upon the knowledge that color can directly impact the behavior of consumers. Something to consider as we make our way through the winter doldrums just as we are trying to kick off the start of the season. So how does one overcome nature’s delivery of a late snow or brown grass? Read below for a few tips that will help you get buyer’s attention despite the weather and make your listings stand out.

Get Through The Gloomy Season With Color Visual Assets #1 Renderings Always Paint The Best Picture

Perfect lighting, fresh cut green grass—photo real renderings are designed to capture the attention and hearts of home shoppers searching through listings. You may be anxious to get pictures of your latest model up, but remember that a good first impression is what will get the click and a beautiful dusk rendering with mature landscaping is more likely to inspire!


Get Through The Gloomy Season With Color Visual Assets #2 HDR Photography Gets It Just Right
Unpredictable winter skies can make photos less than desirable especially when you are trying to capture the perfect interior light and exterior lighting at the same time. HDR photography solves this problem by taking an exposure that shows the exterior and interior in the perfect lighting and then matching them up in one beautiful photo. With expert editing, you’ll have perfect photos to feature online.


Get Through The Gloomy Season With Color Visual Assets #3 Take It A Step Further—Animated Gifs

Having a difficult time deciding between a romantic dusk shot and the crisp detail of a photo real day rendering? Animated gifs can provide a way to have it all in a beautiful transition from day to night. This eye catching display combines movement and color ensuring it will stand out when compared to the typical winter scene.

Spring is around the corner and while those long days of beautiful skies and the smell of spring blooms isn’t quite here, these tips should help potential home shoppers get in the home shopping mood! For more tips or information on content to make your homes stand out, email us at or visit us at



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