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Tips On How To Create A Website Your Home shoppers Will Love


Today’s savvy home shoppers are more informed than ever. And they’re spending more time than ever online, researching homes before they ever connect with your team. This means that a home buyer’s first impression of your brand is your website, and if you don’t absolutely love it, they won’t either.

According to a joint study conducted by Google and the National Association of Realtors®, 89% of homebuyers begin their shopping experience online. If your website isn’t the work of art that it should be, now is the time to change that. Here is what you need to know.

4 Tips For Creating a Website Your Customers Will Appreciate

Your website must be unique to your brand and send a consistent message. Above all, tell a story. You’ve got 15 seconds to really capture someone’s attention, and people love reading stories. The use of stories on social media platforms has increased 842% since 2016, and it is poised to outpace posts on news feeds soon. This is valuable user-generated advertising that you could be missing out on without a great website and a good story to tell.

Simply keeping mobile in your sights is not enough. That joint study also showed that 51% of new home shopper activity happens on mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you’re missing out. A lot of experts would even argue that the mobile experience should be the primary focus – mobile first design.

Your audience must be able to find your brand as they begin their home search and gather information. This means that optimization is vital. Almost 70% of home shoppers begin their search with local search terms. Home builders can’t tap into that traffic without conducting search engine optimization using the right keywords. You want to ensure your website is visible to your current and prospective audience.

Great! You’re getting traffic. To ensure they spend time researching the value your brand can offer, your website must be easy to navigate. Pages should flow seamlessly with plenty of headlines to break up content. People like to scan until they can drill down to something that piques their interest. And don’t forget to have calls to action so buyers have multiple opportunities to connect with you when they are ready – conversion is key!

The BDX Way

Does it sound like a lot? It is. Your website is likely the first “model home” prospective buyers will see, and it should be your best. This is where you want to put your best foot forward. Luckily, home builder websites are our specialty.

BDX uses a proprietary six-step process to deliver the highest quality builder-specific websites that outperform all others. From customizable image galleries and interactive features to dynamic maps and SEO infrastructure, we bring your digital brand to life through your website.

A content management system (CMS) a standard part of every website we deliver so you can make easy updates on your own. Also, our SaaS structure ensures that you are always using the latest technology and updates, ensuring your website is never outdated. We even provide training once your new site goes live. Our number one priority is your satisfaction and your success.

Falling In Love With Your Website

Most builders understand the value of having a good website. Those who want to thrive have an incredible website that brings their digital brand to life and connects them with modern home shoppers. They are mobile-responsive, optimized and easy to navigate. They tell a story that forges a connection with those who read it. Home builders who thrive in any market use BDX. If you are a home builder who is ready to thrive, contact BDX today and fall in love with your website.

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