EXPERT PERSPECTIVE: Top 4 Video Trends of 2021

Video content is in demand, especially as home shoppers research, design and even look to purchase their new home online. And with new technologies and integrations, video is more interactive and engaging than ever. That’s why in 2021 video should be a key component of your digital marketing strategy.

To help you out, we’ve interviewed BDXpert Brad Smith to get his take on the top four trends he predicts will help builders attract more eyeballs and sell more homes this year

1. Video goes from Static to Interactive

Like other tools in your digital marketing arsenal, video continues to evolve. It’s not just a static movie to watch. In fact, for 2021 Smith says to look for new interactive features in both standard video production and Matterport tours to highlight key selling points.

With Mattertags, an interactive component of Matterport tours, you can place text, photos, videos and URLs to link to additional content. The same is true for standard videos. Whether it’s creating a new video or refreshing old ones, we can add interactive elements to your videos that allow home shoppers to get additional information without ever leaving the video.

2. The Revival of Commercials with Connected TV

Over the past decade, the ROI on TV commercials has seen a steady decline due to recorded programming and being able to fast forward or skip them.

That has changed with Connected TV (or CTV). With CTV on smart TV’s and connected devices, as an exchange for free or reduced-fee content, viewers can no longer fast forward through commercials so your engaging content can once again be shared with television audiences, in its entirety.

BDX is now producing commercials and partnering with our Advertising group to run connected TV advertising packages that are specific to your needs. Commercials can be aggregated to play on multiple devices, utilize geofencing, and target based on region and other demographics. And while we’d be happy to shoot new footage, we can also create a commercial using existing footage or splice together photographs to create an engaging TV spot. See examples in this post.


Top 4 Video Trends of 2021


3. An Entire Year’s Social Media Video Needs in One Shoot

More and more builders are using video in their social media promotions. And for efficiency's sake, Smith finds that a single video shoot can take care of your social media needs for the entire year. Since most social promotions use short-form videos, we can easily create multiple videos out of a single shoot so that you have fresh content every quarter.


Top 4 Video Trends of 2021

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