EXPERT PERSPECTIVE: How Technology is Changing Advertising & Measurement in 2021

The next wave of marketing disruption is centered on advertising. From the way ads are served to how they are measured, advertising is no longer confined to purchasing based on time blocks on measuring based on only click-through rates.

To better understand how you can leverage these technologies, we’ve interviewed resident BDX advertising expert Lindsay Pasto, Sr. Director of Advertising Products, to help us break down how these technologies work and understand why they are the perfect way for builders to reach home shoppers in 2021.

Warning – we may get a little technical here but how these technologies work is as important to understand why they provide such incredible returns.



Demand Side Platforms – Matching Multiple Devices to a Single Person

Demand Side Platforms or DSP’s take the complexity out of managing your multi-device, multi-network advertising campaigns. Instead of managing each individually, a DSP takes the guesswork out of advertising so that you can target your audience across multiple devices without duplicating your messaging. Here’s how it works.

DSP’s collect various user behavior data and assign a single ID to an individual. Data examples include one’s IP address, internet provider, sites visited, and devices used. Based on your specific target audience, a DSP will serve an ad to an individual when they’re most actively engaged AND on the device that is performing the best. It will even know for example, that if a person doesn’t respond after serving up three different ads, a fourth ad should be served up with a special offer.



Connected TV – Marrying Traditional TV with Digital Data

2020 has put Connected TV (CTV) on the fast track. The crisis we all experienced halted traditional television production and accelerated the adoption of streaming media creating a massive increase in viewership. In turn, this has also created an incredible opportunity for builders to target audiences with advertising campaigns.

CTV gives you the best of both worlds - marrying traditional TV with the insight of digital data. A builder is now able to target a specific audience during a specific time period and can even “day part” or avoid certain time periods. And unlike traditional TV where users can fast forward through ads, ads on CTV are required watching for viewers.



Co-Branded Advertising – a Win/Win for Builders and Partners

Common across big box retail ads like Best Buy is the mention or inclusion of products from other consumer brands. For builders, especially those who run ad’s on NewHomeSource, this is an untapped opportunity to partner with the hundreds of manufacturers and distributors who are looking to increase their exposure to home shoppers across the country.

“Co-branded advertising is a win/win for both the builder and partner,” said Lindsay. “Partners help offset the cost of advertising for the builder and in turn, they increase brand awareness with shoppers looking to purchase and design a new home.”

The Evolution of Measurement

Multi-channel measurement of advertising is challenging to say the least. The standard has been last click-thru gets the credit. But the reality is that it usually takes multiple touches and having to serve an ad multiple times across multiple channels to get a user to take action.

That’s why we’re excited about the evolution of multi-touch attribution models. Multi-touch attribution helps a marketer understand how channels work together to influence your site and purchase. It measures the shopper’s behavior beyond the click – how much time they’ve spent on a website, if they visited it even if they didn’t click on the ad – and also considers how different channels support each other. The bottom line is this – no single ad on a single site is the reason for a home shopper to land on a builder’s website and multi-touch attribution allows us to demonstrate the true value of their various strategies across channels, advertising on NewHomeSource in combination with other channels.

“Builders who are using multi-touch attribution modeling on NewHomeSource in combination with other channels are seeing exceptional results,” said Lindsay.

We know this is a lot to consume. Lindsay and her team are ready to personally walk you through the different advertising mediums and how they can be tailored to your audience and needs. Contact your BDX Consultant or to learn more.


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