Does A Virtual Model Make Sense For Custom Builders?

Does A Virtual Model Make Sense For Custom Builders?

With everyone doing business online, the physical model has become a virtual model, but does a virtual model make sense for a custom builder? What about build-on-your-lot builders that don’t have a library of plans? We’ll cover a few ways that you can use a virtual model to tell your story and help home shoppers navigate the home building process easier.

Visualization is one of the top friction points in the home shopping journey. Virtual models can help home shoppers better visualize, dream and build trust in your brand when it’s paired with the right story.

What if I only build one-of-a-kind homes?

If every home that you build is unique, visualization tools can give you the edge that can help close the deal sooner. Home shoppers that are interested in build-on-your-lot or custom love to ideate. See how this custom builder is using interactive tools in their virtual model here. Having a virtual model with option changers or an online design center gives shoppers the environment to play and plan all on your website without having to veer off and potentially find themselves on a competitor’s site. Virtual tools are engaging and can increase the time a shopper spends on your website and makes them more likely to convert to a sale.

Storytelling Messaging Ideas 


Virtual Model:

Thank you for visiting our virtual model. Every home we build is unique. Clicking on the hotspot tags in our virtual model will give you an idea of how we build our homes and what makes our homes unique.


When it comes to designing your dream home, the sky is the limit. Use this visualization tool to get an idea of the style you like. We’ll use this as a starting point in our initial consultation.

Online Design Center:

Refrigerators, gas range ovens and backsplashes— our online design center gives you access to build your home with a selection of the very best products based on our years of experience. This is your home so if you see something that you want online that isn’t listed, no problem. We will build your home to your specs.

These are just a few ideas on how you can use interactive tools and virtual models to tell your story even if every home you build is unique. If you’d like more ideas on how to prepare for the virtual buyer, email us at to take advantage of our free Virtual Shopper Readiness Assessment.


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