CX Is Your Brand—See How One Builder Is Crushing It

CX is your brand and we love when we catch clients doing an amazing job. We highlighted New Home Company during our Best of Builder Marketing webinar, but what they are doing is so good that it was worth writing an entire article to showcase their best-of-class approach. We’ve also sprinkled in some examples of consumer feedback to help as a guide on how to best approach CX.

In a time where demand has pushed builders to the brink, it’s not only nice but necessary to consider the customer experience even when it seems impossible to maintain. As we’ve surveyed the market during these very heady times, we’ve seen some feedback from home shoppers that indicates that we may have CX issues cropping up in the new home industry.

Home shoppers are reporting frustration and Google search trends might be echoing the sentiment with a steady decline in new home related searches over the past 12 weeks.


CX Is Your Brand—See How One Builder Is Crushing It


Home shoppers are reporting that they are leaving voicemails and waiting months to hear back with no choice left, but to find another builder. They are also expressing frustration over the inaccuracy of pricing, something that we’ve been accused of in the industry before and a common pitfall when we are up against used homes.  


CX Is Your Brand—See How One Builder Is Crushing It


It’s easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of the customer experience when demand is high, but it’s critical as we uphold our brand as the new home industry. We have had a huge opportunity given to us with used home inventory so low. A good CX when demand is high will pave the way for the future when used home inventory is fighting for market share again.

And The Awards Goes To…

The New Home Company did something outstanding—they addressed the home buying experience head on in a pop-up as soon as you enter their site. As the highest-rated builder for customer service in the nation, we can see why and how they live up to their brand promise.